This has been my last comment of a discussion at about the Conflict in GAZA, I’m so pissed with peoples inability to realize what WAR is all about. We have become senseless beings unable to think for our selves. Sad.

What is it that I only see Civilians being hurt and killed from both side?? Hamas and the IDF are playing this bloody game and the expenses of millions of innocent live that they only want to continue with their lives. And ALL OF YOU are playing Politics and History Masters from your desks while more death and destruction keeps reigning. I don’t care who is right or not, who is the terrorist or not, just stop the CARNAGE NOW!!! And all of you should be thinking why are you here debating things that wont avoid more innocent lives being terminated. WAR is real, WAR is not entertainment, but Misery and Destruction. So please, don’t give me you crap of who is entitle or not to kill civilians and if their lives were insignificant or worthless. NO HUMAN LIVE is worthless. And then we complain about Bullying in our School? Please America, the world, is time to see yourselves in the Mirror. Let’s put and end to this NONSENSE.

Este fue mi ultimo comentario en una Discusión en sobre el Conflicto en GAZA. Estoy tan enojado con incapacidad de la gente de entender que es la Guerra. Nos hemos convertido es seres insensibles incapaces de pensar por nostros mismos. Triste.

Por que será que solo veo Civiles siendo atacados o matados en ambos lados? HAMAS y las Fuerzas de Defensa Israelí están jugando este juego sanguinario a las expensas de millones de vidas inocentes que lo único que quieren es continuar con sus vidas. Y Todos Uds. estas jugando a ser Políticos y Maestros de Historia desde sus escritorios mientras mas muerte y destrucción sigue reinando. No me interesa quien tiene la razón o no, quien es el Terrorista o no, pero por favor PAREN LA CARNICERIA!!! Todos Uds. deberían estar pensando por que están discutiendo cosas que no van a evitar mas muerte de vidas inocentes sean apagadas. la Guerra es Real, la Guerra no es un Entretenimiento, pero Miseria y Destrucción.
Asi que, por favor, no me den sus huevadas de quien tiene o no el Derecho de Matar Civiles como si sus vidas fuesen Insignificantes o inutiles. NINGUNA VIDA HUMANA es inútil. Y luego tenemos el cuajo de quejarnos de los Matones en los Colegios ?
Por favor America, el mundo, ya es tiempo de mirarnos al Espejo. Pongamosle un fin a esta LOCURA!!!!

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What is it that I only see Civilians being hurt and killed from both side????


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  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    Yago, I agree that it is mostly the innocent being destoried and injured. Yes, people have become complacient and more interested in materialistic things.

    Many men, actually view these wars as a sport.

    The answer, believe it or not, is people have walked away from their Faith/ beliefs. When that happens, sinners have a field day convincing them nothing matters, so why worry. Religion bring love and caring, not war. Disputes of religion brings arguements and in some countrys war.

    Many think as long as it isn’t them or their country, who cares?
    Now, I do object to the idea it is all America, it isn’t. Afganistan, Pakastan, etc are actually the instigators by knowingly harboring terrorist. Hamas is a group involved in terrorisum. They had the nerve in the eightys to send out mailers here in the US asking for charitible donations. At the time no one knew they were a terrorist organization.

  • Sadly, all of them, including the IDF and our Foreign Policies. If we are willing to terrorize entire Population, we as well should be call Terrorist, or at least, supporting Terrorism of State

    – Yago

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    By allowing it to happen in their own country, they to are allowing terrorist to tear down their structure of their countries. America trys to help, sometimes misguided I think. I believe countries in the cirrounding areas of the conflict should be supporting and protecting their neighbors, even if they have differences. If they don’t the problem just moves closer to them and their country. They need to stamp it out while they can, not just sit back and let the US step in for the helpless.

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    Also, other countries need to step up, the US isn’t everyones protector. At times, some of our leaders may think they are the main protector, but of course they are not.

  • You might be right, you might not. The Bouchery must to stop, and stop now.

    – Yago

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 1 year ago

    I totally agree Yago. :)

  • Guendalyn
    Guendalynover 1 year ago


  • almajhoola
    almajhoolaover 1 year ago

    You know the way I see it, is that Israel is a group of people that came from all around the world and decided to build their “promised land” which is from the Nile river to the Euphrates…and trust me they’re going to kill and slaughter till they accomplish that goal.
    The innocent people of Gaza have to suffer through that and eventually, they will either have to agree to live as second class citizens under the Israeli government or become refugees in another country. So is it fair not to fight back when people came to take your land and build settlements on the land that was passed down to you from generations? disgrace churches and mosques by writing racist comments on them? spit on you even while your walking down the street? You have a rock in your hand but they have state of the art weapons to kill you with?
    Hamas are not angels on earth but trust me if it wasn’t for them, Gaza would be as occupied as the rest of Palestine with Arabs suffering even more.
    You don’t accept what the Europeans did to the Native Americans so how can accept what the Zionists are doing to Palestinians?
    I don’t see this bloody game ending until Israel controls the middle east from the Nile to the Euphrates and hopefully you will live long enough to see this and remember me ;)

  • almajhoola
    almajhoolaover 1 year ago

    It’s Ironic. When I was sitting in Sociology class listening to my professor talk about what Europeans did to the Native Americans and how they took their land…I couldn’t stop thinking that one day another teacher decades from now will talk about how the US has helped Israel erase the native population of Palestine and take the land.

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