For a few years already I have been developing an idea in my head to try to understand the ways of how America (United States) works. Many contradiction I have been seen in the last decades and it is impossible for me to understand the reality of this nation base on one single view. I see constantly a separation of realities between what we think, what we are being expose to and what we have to live with everyday. And it doesn’t match.
THis blog is going be a raw, unpolished and general analysis of what I believe is todays reality of the United States, of better say, the three realities, America is being built on.

My theory starts with the concept the we are expose to 3 parallel realities (realities as subjects rather than facts) of what we think is the True America. None of these 3 Americas could be consider pure or independent to each other, they interconnect as consequences of the each other reality; nevertheless, each one of the 3 Americas has it’s own characteristics that govern them and affect us in different was, the 1st America, the one we seen and we are expose through television and advertisments. the 2nd one, is our Corporate Governments with its dual reality of Internal and External policies, and the the 3rd reality is the one we all have to live in when we are out on the street, this reality has being mold and calculated adapt to fit the first 2 Americas, and few are aware of it.
For extent, our Firs America, is the one exposed to us constantly trough our little talking box that we consider our window to the outer world, our Television Sets. We expend thousands of dollars every year to have the most modern, advance and more crispy system in an effort to be part of this world, accepting it as truthful representation of todays real world.

Many doesn’t seem to have the the notion that we are allowing all industries to come in into our living rooms and bedrooms at any time of the day, in anyway possible, to makes us believe we need to buy their stuff, each time we turn on the TV. Everything the goes on on TV is made for sale. From shows, to news, to documentaries and movies, everything is directed to sell something. All major networks todays are owned by huge conglomerates of Corporations that their own agendas affects what we seen in TV and what reality they are showing us. Everything is fake or manipulated. News network are the most notorious in this Agendas issues, they only report what is beneficial for them, created news that are being mold to makes us seen a reality that is productive for them and altered the public opinion in favor of their own Agendas. Truth is being amputee, distorted or just pliantly ignore, so we grow unaware of what really is going on. It has being many decades of unconsciously dependency on the information (now disinformation) giving to us trough that box, Making us believe in fantasies that crash directly with our lives, leaving us ignorants and unaware of what’s going on, without context, without ways to put things in perspective. September 11 was a clear example of all this. Television used to be a representation of the real world, now the Real World is a representation of the reality shown on Television.

To make things worse, the Advertisement Industry uses Psychological tools to seduce and makes us believe in what they are offering, creating realities that are mainly base in fantasy or miss interpreted concepts, exposed to us in a very violent in unstoppable way that with the concisely intention to build up in us an idea of truth that is not.
Decade after decade the Ad. Industry has been trying to wash our minds, making us believe that we really need or we really deserved the products they are selling to us. The have manipulate our ways of life constantly, creating a Fantastic World base on their need to promoted their products, all for profits. More alarming is that they make us believe that Society can’t live without those products, that we need them to maintain our style of life ( a style of life invented by them ) when in reality it’s totally the opposite. Those products published in Advertising Campaigns need us, consumers, for their own existence. If we decide not to buy, it’s not way that product or company will survive for long. Ask Betamax about it.
This relationship hasn’t been a respectful and peaceful one. It’s a constant bombardment ideas and subliminal manipulation, a constant: buy, buy ,buy or you own it, you deserve it, you need it, you want it, you will be better, cooler, famous or even happier. By doing this they are putting our emotions and our self steam in use to their own pocket. We have been twisted by believing in their lies, in believing in the world they wants us to believe. The Ad industry goes as far a to telling us that their products knows better than our own parents, our teachers or our friends. They have made us believe we have to trust them and we need to look at them as the holders of the truth,all subliminal, sneaky. They had became our Ego feeders.
Through all this techniques and methods, widely used by our Corporate Government, the 2nd America, we have also grew a concept, an image of our Government, that differ so dramatically to the real Truth that lies inside it, money. Is through a Collusion of interest and agendas, our Government divorced from The People.

COLLUSION I think is the best word to define this 2nd America: Government and Corporations. A collusion between Corporations and our Governments (no matter the Party) that have created a huge gap between their Reality and ours, the people. To the point they don’t represent us, they represent the Corporations.
Since the end of the World War II, Corporations haven’t stopped to grow, smoothly first, dramatically fast by the 60s. Till this point in the Government was taking care off business, overseeing the expansion, control and accountability of these Companies over the markets, over the politics and the population in general. But un the the last four decades that Corporations where sneaking in more and more into our Legislative, Executive and Judicial system, eroding the process of law making and Government decision making, creating a dangerous partnership that many of us still not aware of it. Is this association that with time had turned into an unbreakable Partnership that moves together as a team, leaving Us The People excluded of this formula.
This Partnership, this Collusion, takes simultaneous decision in and out of our borders, affecting us direct or indirectly. In the last 20 years, the majority of decisions taken in our Foreign Relationships with other nations were based on this Collusion with the Corporations, where the security and the well being of our nation had been put at risk and highjack by these secret agendas, putting millions of live in direct danger, and not just outside our nation, but also at home.
Our Government has been acting outside home in a manner that we, citizens, are not fully aware off it, and we grew ignorant towards the real reasons of the resentment of many countries around the world towards us, as well as the direct consequences of our actions, like our reaction against Iraq and Afghanistan after Sep. 11 or the fall of President Mubarak and Corl. Gaddafi.
History has been exposed to us as an incomplete association of patched events without a real connection between them, cutting the history process of action and reaction, these historical facts has been manipulated or ignore to satisfy the interest of this America, leaving us clueless to our actions around the world, and it consequences, leaving us dependents of the 1st America to try to understand our world, leaving us more clueless than before. They leave us without a rational context to what we are coping everyday.
This Historical Incongruence, creates on us a feeling of frustration that leave us building a general Apathy of what’s going on around us, satisfy with our micro worlds of TV Sets, Sports and Entertainment.
I can not say is our fault. In some way is not. We have been manipulated for too long under the propaganda of National Security, Humanitarian Aid, Patriotism, Exporting Democracy (when in reality the Government were imposing Dictatorship Governments around the world) or by the old method of turning old friends into Evil Elements that need to be eradicated. We have being Tough to respect our Government, to trust in our lovely Corporations and to blindly believe in the Moral and Ethical Integrity of these Corporations and those that represent the. The protection our Government should give us against the endless greed of this soulless entities and the Fact The people put them in a power so they can take care of the Nation, have been absolutely ignore by our Congress, Senate and Presidency. Buy we are told be Patriot by trust them blindly and never question them, allowing Unaccountability and corruption to grew rampant through the Lobbies of Capitol Hill and other branches of our Government.
By this Collusion, the alliances between Corporations and now with our Government, is absorbing all the needs of our society on the hands of few unknown groups and altering unnaturally our reality, leave in a position of economical depression and unable to see our way out of this crisis. When the ominous reality hit us into our faces and these two americas are uncover, we fall into despair, alone, holding ourselves on the 3rd America More and more people is being drag into a bankruptcy and the economical and social pressure on us is taking its toll in each neighborhood, around the country.

There is a general despair that is affecting the core of this nation, the Family. All evils of society, alcoholism, drug addiction, crimes, domestic and child abuse, etc, are arising as direct consequence of the pressure given to the American people. Unavoidable, the 2 first American realities hit us directly in our faces. Our perceptions are being distort, and there is zero congruence with what we have to live everyday, at work, at home, at schools and on the streets. This reality is the one everybody is running away from, the one that seems to don’t have any change or solution, the one that hurts, the one we are just starting to wake up into it. Is this is the reality that we have to face everyday, the one in what we pay our bills, our mortgages, our psychologist, our medicines, the one we go to work for hours so we are able to finish to pay the dreams that the 1st and 2nd America has made us believe.
It’s in here where all the consequences of the fantasies created by the prior realities comes to us with all it’s strength. In this America, is the hardcore, the real America, the America that we should see the real value of the American People, hard worker, determinate and hopeful. Is here where the traditions, mentality, aspirations and charisma of this nation lies in here.

Sadly, is in this America where the other 2 live of. They depend on the cash and revenue of the American Worker to exist and to continuing fulfilling their agendas. They depend on the manipulation of the American Spirit to fill their greed and operate free without our hones approval. To reach this, the first 2 Americas, use Fear to keep the nation without questioning, they have seed the mistrust agains each other, against new comers and against other nations and cultures. We need to realize, that what we call an American Democracy, is no more than a facade for a Corporate Tyranny, something George Orwell was unable to foresee it.
We must understand, than when a nation is united, there is no one that can harm it. We need to realize that this Hate that has been brewing inside our nation against each other for so long comes directly from the fear of loosing the little we still have, the fear of don;t knowing what’s wrong with our nation and the fear the things may get a lot worse. And by saying this, I truly believe that is imperative for us to see and understand these 3 realities so we start removing from our selves what put us apart. This division are not based on realities or truths, but by lies impose to us to keep us apart and in apathy. We should not fear each other, we should not fear the natural evolution of our society, together as a Nation. As a purple nation, an multi cultural, multi religious, multi linguistic, nation. As one Nation under God.

Thank you


How as Americans, we live in a nation of 3 reality that collide between each other, leaving us living in despair and fear .

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  • highbeam
    highbeamover 3 years ago

    OK Yago… I concede I didn’t get back to you right away but love the overall theme here. Have you ever seen the movie,“Wag the dog.” I look at the many truths you pose here and have to agree with you… firmly! What has happened to this country has happened over the course of time… moment to moment… day by day… President after President (both parties complicit)… and it has turned into a “wag the doghouse scenario,” and each continues to blame the other. When the left hand blames the right hand… we must look and see we are the same entity… all of us still “American.” When the laws were ignored, pooh-poohed and thought of as nothing more than obstacles, that is when we started to lose this country… as we knew it to be. Oh sure, we continued on with this “Ozzie and Harriet” 50’s thought or notion that it was still America but it changed under our very feet. When politicians like Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, can run on a platform of transparency… but end up in Colorado, as a keynote speaker, for “inherited heritage kids” that have no knowledge of what it means to be without… or desire too, is when political lips will move to blind us all. The best way to make money… will always be to inherit it, you didn’t have to work for it and it can work for you. It matters little to the common man, left or right, when we are subjected to an onslaught of lies and innuendo as to: what is happening, the emphasis of the lies, causes or even truth.

    To hear the GOP yell,“Class warfare,” this is a joke. To sip champagne while fellow Americans, seventeen million kids have parents that suffer from what is being termed something like “food insecurity.” This shows that the middle class, the very group of people… like the boomers… that made us what we were, is being directly targeted and assigned for economic assassination. Class warfare… the war is over and we are now living in the aftermath of their run to steal the goal line, leaving us with the ball thinking we are still in the damn game. There is no such thing as a “bailout” in a free market, that is called theft with a cute little “politically correct” label. These bastards got away with the whole damn country… and Cheney has the nerve to brag about it in his new book. Keep believing the BS if you want to but I hope you will sweep the smoke away and see all the mirrors to what we used to call America are soon to collapse.

    Papa Bush gave us NAFTA, it just came in during Clinton’s reign so he could be conveniently blamed. Back in the Eighties there was some rumor that the U.S. incorporated itself in Puerto Rico… and it didn’t last very long, nothing more was heard about it. When you look at how the very office of the President has given rise to this outlook, from a corporate perspective, it grants a modicum of credibility to that rumor of long ago. Why else have we declared we have a “War President” but one that missed the war of migrants… there was no immigration, that requires assimilation and that wasn’t even desired as it was a generation ago. That explains why they did nothing for the security of the border… the needs of the corporations beaconed more workers (ones that would not ask questions if their rights were violated).

    When they start using words like: prosperity, security, liberty… just know they are not talking about yours or mine. Look at this meeting place, down in Mexico, and think about all it lists here- and I’ll throw this one last bone to chew on.

    This is just on the spur of this moment… I’m sure more will follow. Take care Yago.

  • A BIG SMILE ON MY FACE :O) You nail it. Our Corporate Government keep us thinking on 1960s way of thinking. So they can do as they wish.
    Off Course I have seen the Movie “What the Dog”. Bill Clinton’s bombardment of Sudan and Afghanistan with Tomahawks that same exact day Lewinky was declaring at the Congress was a vivid example of that Movie,
    But I have also read 20 times 1984. I chew it and chew it, word by word. I have also have a brother that is Journalist, a Father that was diplomat and my grand father that was a Congressman in my country. Since 2001, everything has became more amorally open, and the corrupted. It depends on us.
    I stop to think how far this will go, how all this will end and I just tremble of fear with the faint idea of a possible Military-Civil, or may be Military Corporate Government in the US. That, will place as at the same position of the Third Reich, and that’s unacceptable. Again, that should depend on us, to allow it or not. Let see how the #OccupyWallStreet evolves. It may end as another Globalization Riot, or as the beginning of something bigger and more transcendental. No one nows. For sure, all media has shut up about it, and just that, is a big sign of unconfortability about. The Media don’t want to give them oxygen. Let’s sit and wait.

    – Yago

  • about Immigration, you nail it again.
    I have an early blog about it. Todays situation with the Illegal Immigration is a modern Slavery. And the media has helped a lot t o keep the Status Quo.
    Many don’t understand that the Mexican Problem is one thin, and the whole Illegal Immigration is another one. The Mexican problems stated back in 1848. Sometimes it mix, but is not the same problem.

    – Yago

  • highbeam
    highbeamover 3 years ago

    In other words Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to the 26th year of “the North American Union.”

  • Betty Smith_Voce
    Betty Smith_Voceover 3 years ago

    Yago, a brilliant write! This is not only true for America, it is true for a very large part of the world as many Countries followed the example of “Americanism”. I do pose the question though whether the general consensus is not born from the insatiable human greed. I think you are saying that we are enslaved by advertising and governments are in bed with the advertisers. I suppose; yes, as it brings more revenue.
    I am loving in a country that I feel America ‘sold out’ the very word democracy. Yes, we needed change and we wanted it. But with America at the helm of change we ended up with the only Country in the world where racism is written into the constitution. The white males of this land no longer have the same right to work and earn their keep as laws prevent white males to be employed if a black worker can even remotely fit the job description. In some instances black persons were imported from other parts of Africa rather than to let a qualified white person be appointed. In fact we now have the worst racism since 1652! It has also had its effect on America as many people are leaving Africa for the America in search of that pot of gold. I am certain that this influx as well as the support of poverty stricken Africa has placed an enormous strain on the Economic situation in America.
    It is a strange world indeed and I for one, hope that people can find the real value of the American dream; the true freedom of the Spirit.

  • well, America haven’t apologies the Native American yet. And they haven’t recognize, officially, that what was done to the Native Americans was Genocide.
    As the Government in the US have become a told where the Corporations can expand their grip on American Society to control and leech the Nation, these same Corporations operates world wide, and they are the biggest source of Corruption and instability (Look Nigeria and Iran). So this model of controlling the Government to exercise their grip on other nations is made directly from Corporation to States, our through US Foreign Policies towards other States.
    So yes, I could say this is an International Issue, and the reason why the Middle East have started to explore as is doing.

    – Yago

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