911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) updated 912

29 minutes still until September 11, 2011 is over. Ten years have past, as we all remember through ceremonies, mentions, art and writing the victims and events of that specific day of the end of summer. But then, stops. We only can remember or commemorate those 12-24 hours, nothing earlier, nothing forward. As suspended even in our programmed mind, as we understand (in America) history as just sporadic events, isolated and without any consequence between each event to other.
I have tried all day to don’t turn the TV on , it was a hard task in a day like today. The few minutes that I did, I only heard sentence like We Will Never Forget, or United We Stand, or sentence of Compassion and Love to each other ( only if your are American). A lot of Political Correctness, to much of Electoral Hypocrisy, and we, the people, unable to really see September 11 as a the beginning of an era of death, paralyzing fear and paranoia that our political leaders and media has impose into us, to the point to hate other nations and cultures, religions and costumes. Beside the real emotions of grief from the Families of the Victims and us. the general public, that knows the pain, everything else still and will still a bullshit of manipulation and double-thinking.

How in the name of our Lord, can we keep repeating We Will Never Forget, when we are not even able to listen in our news channel the 200 Disabled Victimes that were unable to leave the Twin Towers? please, read the Description of my 911 Remembering Design We also forgot that more than 4000 American Troops and a lot more than 150,000 Iraqi Civilians have died in Iraq because we though (really wrongly) that Saddam Hussein did (or was part of ) September 11 Terrorist Attacks. We also Forgot, that we had been warned about a major Terrorist Attack on US Soil,4 month earlier Sept 11, by Ahmad Shah Massoud ( The Lion of Panjshir), who was killed in an Suicide Attack on Sept 9, 2001. We also Forgot, the Clinton Administration tried to make a deal with the Taliba to build oil pipelines through Afghanistan back in 1996. We also forgot that the Taliban was built by Pakistan with US dollars to fight the Russians. We also forgot Bush Administration was friends of Saddam Hussein and Bind Laden Family (and himself).

United We Stand ? I really need a definition of this sentences. This Nation, the United States of Corporation, have never been so polarize in its history since the years priors to the American Civil War. Reasons? Too Many for this blog. For mention few, Corporations-Tax payers, Utlra Right (Tea Party) Ultra Corrupt ( the Rest), Christian Fanatics the rest of us, Ant1-Muslim, Anti-Latinos, Pro-Militarism, 20 Million Illegal Slaves that no one wants to fix their status. etc. Since September 11, 2001, we have been walking the path of Corporate-Totalitarism, and Political Fascism, a version George Orwell could not ever imagine. Under my definitions of United We Stand, the sentence is too Textual, because beside of being Standing United at the Unemployment Lines, we are more divided than ever. All this, as a Direct consequences of the September 11 Policies, that No One have CHANGE. Nothing Have Change.

Show by show, on the TV talks about the Victims Sept 11, makes us feel compassionate and to express some Love to them. But at the same time I wonder, why these same news interview and talks of those that suffered by our reaction of Sept.11 ? Mother without kids, Orphans, widows, that had the misfortune to be born and live in Iraq. The Media talks about the Traumas, the post-traumatic syndrome of the survives of the fall of the Twin Towers, not of the fall of an entire nation and the hands of those we send to revenge us, the US Troops, victims as well. If we want to support 911 Victims, we should support Our Victims too. I want to say to our Anchors, New Reporters, Commentator, to STOP this Double-Thinking here, no more Hypocrisy and cheap blackmail.

In these 10 years of the Terrorist Attack of September 11, We all has became victims of the systematic bombardment of sentences without real meaning, thoughts and motivation speeches with hidden agendas and a whole roar for revenge and “justice” ( a really primitive one of Eye for Eye, Tooth by Tooth) with Who ever did it, no matter if it was the wrong person. We have became the Victims of ourselves, the Victims of our Ignorance to History and of our Training to OBEY our Government and our Media. We have became victims of our own Fears, and the Fears Impose by our Authorities ( once again, we got another REAL THREAT this year, as every year in the last decade. same day).
If this is the land of the Free, then is time to THINK FREELY, to FEEL FEELY and to LOVE FREELY. To be Free of Fear, Free of Lies and Free of Manipulations. Being Free takes a lot of Effort, It force you to Think for Your Self, not by being lazy and let our Media and our Corporate Government to tell tells us how to be.
Is your Choice. Is our Choice.

September 11, should be the day we wake up to stop being in Fear.
We awake to the challenge that only through Love, we will be Free.
Didn’t Jesus tell us so?

Thank You,

911 Ironies (analytic criticism of ourselves ) updated 912

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