I was just watching a documentary about Autism syndrome and something really call my attention to the point to make a blog about it. It’s something I have been hearing all my life in many different aspects of our society, not just in Autism, and I still think there is a big miss understood of what being Normal means. During this documentary there is a questioning about why do we need to make Autistic kids Normal and why not just let then be? and why the need to find a cure to make them Normal ?
But wait, isn’t Autism something Normal? Under what I know All Disabilities are normal in Humanity History, why do we have this obsession to impose our perception of a perfect beings as something Normal? There is a lot of questioning of being Normal o not, if it’s ok to forced someone to be Normal. A lot of questionings, but little analysis of what Being Normal means and what really is.

Base on the Dictionary, Normal means: Conforming to a Standard. The usual, average or typical sate of condition.
When we apply this definition to Human Being the problems start happening, because we are applying percentage into peoples reality, making the majority as something normal, leaving the lower percentage as non normal. Honestly, a very simplistic and convenient why to segregate those in lower representation. What we don’t want to see, is that if the lower percentage is always there, then, is normal too. It always existed. Also, the Majority percentage can’t force the minority percentage for become like the majority, cause that will be non natural. As humanity we need the 100% of the statistics, with the Majority and the Minority in constant balance and interaction.

Under my views, something normal is something that has occur constantly in a ver long period of time. Relating thins into Humanity, since the times we has became humans. Based on this, Disabilities, in any degree, has been there since day one.
Our problems began when groups decide what’s normal or not, the majority (Normal) imposing their “Normality” into smaller groups with a necessity to create a perfect and utopia society, under their image.

Why do we need to make a paralyze person to walk, making him/her waist his life in therapies and exercises so they can fit into the Standard Walking Normality? Why we don’t accept the Deaf-Mute community and we all learn Sing Language so we can integrated them into society instead to forced them to talk, something is out of his nature? For a deaf-mute, singing is normal. why we are so stubborn to make them talk? Under my opinion, we should integrate them and accommodate them, instead of forcing them as us, the “normal” people.

The same issue happened with Homosexuality and the right for same sex marriage. Because society has imposed the divine and biological argument that only relationships between a Woman and a Man are Normal, all other tendency is sub or a-normal. What we don’t want to see is the fact the Homosexuality, as well with Disabilities are part of humanity since the moment we left Africa. Homosexuality has been and always being part of Humanity, we want to accept it or not, making Homosexuality something Normal in our Human Condition.

I think a lot of this has something to do with the Judaic-Christian-Islamic concepts that God Makes Us as His own Image, leading us to understand that if God is Perfect, then we should be perfect. So any non-perfection isn’t normal because God is not imperfect. The funny part is that is we are Perfect, we would stop being Humans. Humans are IMPERFECT beings.

What we should really understand is that Being a Human Being is the only Normal thing between all of us. Everything we consider non normal in others, are part of the Normality of being a Human Being.
We are a rich in variations and complex in construction so pretending to make everyone fit into a standard is an impossibility and selfishness. There are a lot of arrogance and laziness to don’t make those we consider non-normal, normal.
We need the differences in other to complement what we miss. Is a natural balance between humans to give what we have more and received what we don’t have, so we reach a balance. Is time to fully see each other as Normal, nor matter your physical and mental conditions. Is normal been non-normal.

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Normal means: Conforming to a Standard. The usual, average or typical sate of condition.

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