Once again the US Congress has presented us a show with all the drama, adrenaline, tragedy and heroic action to save the Nation and the World of a Cataclysmic Event. The reality is , nothing have change, well the deficit and the debit has increase.
I prior Writings and Journals I talked abot the existent Collusion between the Congress and the Corporation, without really caring about the population that elected them so blindly.
Republican against Democrats, Ideologies clashing, the right vs the left. when in reality the ones screwed are the American Citizens.
In the United State, and probably in many other Nations, the Congress have become a gang of Mafia guys working for the Big Bosses, Oil, Food, Chemical, Military, Health, Auto Corporations.
Disgusting and dangerous. At the end Communism end up as Mafia Governments, well, Capitalism too.



  • highbeam
    highbeamabout 3 years ago

    So to say… the truth of the day, and the day after the ruin predicted… and still screwed. Who says you can’t screw it up… even after over 200 hundred years? These days we call corruption and bribery fuzzy little words like ‘lobbying’ and ‘political interest.’ If we didn’t see the damage during ‘free speech zones,’ how dare they complain as if they’re “RIGHT.” I’m not a box-head liberal… and I’ve seen the light of both parties, and the dimmer they have us under.

  • I don’ t think it’s a problem of Parties or Ideologies, but of common Sense. No matter you background, believes, ideologies, sex gender or preference, legal or not, we all, as Americans, should care for the Americans, not for our best interest or our friends interests. We need to end this Collusion before is too late ( or is too late already?)
    Thanks for your comment and feautered

    – Yago

  • highbeam
    highbeamabout 3 years ago

    If it would come down to “common sense,” it should be commonly known there is no such thing as a bailout in a free market… either it succeeds or it fails. It is to this new form of suppository, the entitlements, we are supposed to believe is the solution to our woes. What a load we have been force fed by the media… and to think some of America believes it. We have been taken advantage again, by those crazier than bat crap, and we placed them in charge of us. It matters not the party… we have lost.

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