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Hi Guys, I want to ask you all of you here to please participate on this campaign for a daring friend Alejo Angee. Few years ago he rescued a tiny puppy from the Shelter and it became in a wonderful and mischievous friend for my friend. Salvador rescued Alejo instead of Alejo rescued him :O) Salvador is a big furry bag of love and energy. (I helped Alejo to put new grass on the yard after Salvador left trials all over).

But this time is different. but sadly is not a cheap operation and even though Alejo will cover the expenses, the whole will be huge so I want to help him. I mean, Salvador is his everything, and Alejo wont mind to loose everything to see recuperate and without pain.
So if you can, would you mind to donate something, which ever you feel like, to help Alejandro taking care …

אני רק מבקש מהקדוש אחד - فقط ما أطلبه من الله - I only ask from the Holy One

I only ask from the holy one not to be indifferent to war
it is a big monster & it crushes the innocence of the people

כל שאבקש אלהים לא ליהות אדיש למלחמה
היא מפלצת כל כך ענקית שדורסת את התמימות האנושית

By 1980 The Fascist Military Government of Argentina tried to create as War with Chile for a small lake at the tip of the Southern Continent, as a way to distract Argentinean Population of the barbarities they were committing against the Civilian Population. Massive protests start happening all over Argentina and this song came to live from a famous Argentinean Folk Musician, Leon Gieco. More a more people started signing this song on the street, and the Military Government were stopped of their plans (at least for a little bit, cause 2 years late they invaded Falken Islands, Islas Malv…

9 inches Plate Revolution 2.0 (Revised)

I would like to do a small experiment with you. Check if you can grab a plate from a China Set from your mother or grandmother. Then, grab the same dinner plate but from your actual china set you use today and put the old plate on top of the new one…… Do you see any difference ?? Well, you should see a big chance in diameters of both plates, today plates are way to big in comparison you the older plate. The Newer plate is like 3 to 4 inches bigger than the old one, or 33% to 44% bigger.
So, the main question that pops out is How it happened? Why did it happen? When? Those questions I wasn’t able to respond to myself until last May when my wife started searching for Vintage Service Trays from the 60s in Ebay. Then she realize that our plates were HUGE in comparison…

The Power of Silence

In the 60s, the Serbian Artist Marina Abramovic lived an intense love relationship with the German dramaturge Ulay. They were many years together, working in Drama around the world and in 1988 when their relationship reach the end point, they put together a last show, The Lovers. Each one walked 2500 Kilometer (1,553.428 miles) from opposite end of the Great Wall of China, meeting in the middle with a hug to don’t see each other again.

23 years later, when Marin Abramovic was renown as an Artis, the New York Modern Museum of Art, MoMA, honored her with a retrospective a of her work named “The Artist in Present”. As part of the presentation, Marina sit in front of the public, on at the time, for a minute in silence.

Without Marina knowing , was Ulay turn, and this is wh…


I may don’t know you Religion or Creed, but, as a NeoGnostic Christian (not religion), I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas.
Thank you all of your for this amazing adventure at RedBubble, I’ll rap out an great year with lots of amazing new people, friends, and great artist all over.

Here I leave my Christmas Message from my main page and I hope you have an amazing and beloved Christmas Eve.



Fisherman's Blues

I was in need of something nice this morning to just pick up the feeling of loosing hope, to get out of the labyrinth that my mind sometimes becomes.
So what better that Waterboys Celtic Inspiration to rise up again huh?
Great band, great song.

So enjoy them,


wish I was a fisherman

tumblin’ on the seas
far away from dry land
and it’s bitter memories
castin’ out my sweet line
with abandonment and love
no ceiling bearin’ down on me
save the starry sky above
with light in my head
with you in my arms…
i wish i was the brakeman
on a hurtlin fevered train
crashin head long into the heartland
like a cannon in the rain
with the feelin of the sleepers
and the burnin of the coal
countin the towns flashin by
and a night that’s full of soul
with light in my head
with you in m…

Amazing Reaction

As many would know, I have written about pretty often, I have been dealing with Learning Disabilities all my life. One of my weakest and more frustrating points is writing. Is really had to transfer the wilderness of my mind and ideas into alphabetical symbols. By omitting, tangle and confusing ideas makes a week representation of my thoughts into words. But I keep trying and will dies trying.

Last week I wrote a really analytic blog as frustration of what I was seeing around me during the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 (911 Ironie ) It was like a vomit of my mind in the pursuit of congruence of my reality. For my surprise, I received 555 visits till today, something unexpected. Sadly no comments, so I don’t know what to get out of that. Never the less, my thought transcend 555 peopl…

Suggesting a RB Practical Idea

I in the verge to upload a series of designs that goes together under the same theme and I was wondering that it could be a great idea if RedBubble allows us (through the design of the website) to create collection base on themes.

Recently, under the anniversary of 911 I have created 3 Desings (in posters and TShirts) as well as a strong Blog about it. Wouldn’t be nice to group them so the promotion of the products would it be more efficient? in the same way those visiting an specific design, are going to be expose to the rest of the same collection, allowing the future costume to see the entire expression on the matter by the artist.

What do you think?
Can we take this suggestion to the RB Management?
Any other Ideas?

Thank guys.