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Joined January 2011

Amazing Reaction

As many would know, I have written about pretty often, I have been dealing with Learning Disabilities all my life. One of my weakest and more frustrating points is writing. Is really had to transfer the wilderness of my mind and ideas into alphabetical symbols. By omitting, tangle and confusing ideas makes a week representation of my thoughts into words. But I keep trying and will dies trying.

Last week I wrote a really analytic blog as frustration of what I was seeing around me during the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11 (911 Ironie ) It was like a vomit of my mind in the pursuit of congruence of my reality. For my surprise, I received 555 visits till today, something unexpected. Sadly no comments, so I don’t know what to get out of that. Never the less, my thought transcend 555 people, and that’s a Miracle of Technology.

Monday Morning I dusted out an 4 month old text I had sitting in my computers for reediting. I revised it, fix it, reorganized it better and post it here in RB as American Trinity For me, that text is a Cornerstone to fully understand and find a congruence and what we are living in America, the realities we have to face everyday and the realities presented to us as Truth from the Media and the Corporate Government. A major analysis of more than a Decade of digesting,finally on writing and published here.
Well, for my surprise, in less the 24h I reached more than 500 visits, in 72 hours, almost 800 visits, and keep growing. This has been an Amazing Reaction that I wasn’t sure I could reach. Something of what I’m saying, even though the writing doesn’t make justice to my mind, some thing is clicking on peoples mind, and that solidify my concepts of reality. Still no comments, so agains, a grain of doubt still there.

So I want to give an enormous thanks to all of you here in Rad Bubble to allow me to expand my self, my mind and to found quality artists and thinkers that believe and support what I’m doing here. As someone that don’t have any higher education, that have built itself though experience and passion to live, means the world. It assures me as professional, artist and amateur philosopher.

Thanks again to all of you for being there.


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