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SERENITY PRAY (For a Friend)

This design I created it to support a great friend in a really hard economical situation. Rent Payments and the possibility of being evicted.
Sadly i can help her with money, beside, it wouldn’t be nice. She needs a more lasting fix. So I create this design for her, and she uploaded into her store at Zazzle. So at least she can get something extra.

The design represent the Financial struggles millions Americans are going through right now, while banks and wall street plays with our future, and our Congress are more worry about their multi million Re-Election Campaigns and their friends in Corporate America. US, citizen always payed the highest price. That’s why we need join strength and help each other.

If you like the Design, but you can buy it or just don’t want too, please help me promoting with a Tweet or a Like, a small effort on our finger over the mouse, could mean a lot to someone the we might never met or known.

Thank you all, thank you Red Bubblelers.


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