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The Carnage occurred in Oslo last weekend is another proof of how far ignorance and radicalization could get to a bloodbath of innocent people.
Little by little the Causes of this insane attack is reviling a network of Supremacist and Neo Nazi organizations have been rooted deep into our Society and Politics. Once again the hatred towards Islam have shown how we all are being kidnapped by the intransigence of Radicals in the brotherly believes, Islam, Judaism and Christianism. US, the regular civil population, that the only thing we look is to live in peace, for the sake of our families and our nations are the ones paying the hight cost of this intolerance. The big majority are being target and used on this ongoing conflict and our voices has been muted b the sounds of booms, missiles, gunfire and death.
Well, I won’t be sitting down in ow or fear. I won’t be listening to the Politics that speak of hate and intolerance, I won’t stay quiet while this madness keeps spreading. I will do what I can to stop this, to educate and open bridges of understanding.

For now, this is what I have, a Design and a Video.
I hope this helps in someway to spread a message of Coexistence and to help avoid by educating, more unnecessary bloodshed in both sides. We are all victims of this hatred, so it’s time for me to stand up.
Thank you all.


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