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A Basic Truth

The Geneva Convention

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9 inches Plate Revolution 2.0 (Revised)

I would like to do a small experiment with you. Check if you can grab a plate from a China Set from your mother or grandmother. Then, grab the same dinner plate but from your actual china set you use today and put the old plate on top of the new one…… Do you see any difference ?? Well, you should see a big chance in diameters of both plates, today plates are way to big in comparis…
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The Power of Silence

In the 60s, the Serbian Artist Marina Abramovic lived an intense love relationship with the German dramaturge Ulay. They were many years together, working in Drama around the world and in 1988 when their relationship reach the end point, they put together a last show, The Lovers. Each one walked 2500 Kilometer (1,553.428 miles) from opposite end of the Great Wall of China, meeting in the middle …
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BOYCOTTING Warner Brother's Chernobyl Diaries...

…I may not change how our system works, and how syntheticide we have became, but I won’t stay quiet doing absolutely nothing…… / BOYCOTTING Warner Brother’s Chernobyl Diaries…
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I may don’t know you Religion or Creed, but, as a NeoGnostic Christian (not religion), I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas. / Thank you all of your for this amazing adventure at RedBubble, I’ll rap out an great year with lots of amazing new people, friends, and great artist all over. / Here I leave my Christmas Message from my main page and I hope you have an amazing and beloved…
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