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Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

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Steampunk Piper costume Archway Waxed by XtomJames Steampunk Piper costume by XtomJames Firesword Dance 1 by XtomJames Slender Man  by XtomJames Aberystwyth Busy Street by XtomJames Sea Sunsets over Wales V (or Sun Crescent) by XtomJames Sea Sunsets over Wales IIII by XtomJames Sea Sunsets over Wales III by XtomJames Sea Sunsets over Wales II by XtomJames Sea Sunsets over Wales I by XtomJames Fence to the Sea by XtomJames Apples by XtomJames The Shadow: propisition 8 trial by XtomJames A Terrorist’s Dream Mr. Finchem There was no sound, not a single moan, only the simple sound of fire. Oppression: Social Class Approximation Through La… A Literary and Historical Linguistic Analysis of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Its Portrayal of Ebonics / Oppression: Social C… Evil’s Agents Evangelists Part Two: The Reign of… Scare tactics that is the name of the game when it comes to the current political position of the Republicans and their followers. Evil’s Agents…Evangelists, Part One The Anti-gay… The symphony of religion and voices of nay-sayers are abounding in almost every aspect of our lives. Understanding the Economic Stimulus Package People are questioning the validity and usefulness of the economic stimulus package that the new administration has passed. Unintentional Necromancy by XtomJames Fare and Potential Can you see your future / Fit upon a screen in memoriam / Set beneath silence / A name an age a line or two / Of your rank or honors A friend, A lover I only wish the emotions I feel are the makers of an end / A peak to be reached and not some middle rung / That is left behind and never d… Closeted: The Bent People Closeted: The Bent People / A Review of the GLBTQS Rights Movement / By Kristoffer Martin / Class: Theory and Criticism / Joel Pace / Novem… Nine+Eleven=Terrorism? Nine+Eleven=Terrorism? / Dread dead they’re all just words / Shot at stabbed at the killer course / Daddies Mommies they’ve got no truth / … A fox in the night by XtomJames Sleeping Dog by XtomJames The On Coming Storm II by XtomJames The On Coming Storm by XtomJames After the Storm II by XtomJames After the Storm by XtomJames Being Selfish I wouldn’t want to blame it on something / Not booze or drugs or food / Just down right emotions / Where the way you smell act just b… Two Face Three faced four a gambler’s game / Pokered buggered caught in the light / Rimmed gaze with straight eyes / Meeting me in the shadow / Whis… Roxicoricofallapatorious by XtomJames Roxicoricofallapatorious by XtomJames Already 22 Already 22 / 1, I nearly died do to strep throat / 2, was raped by my real father and was nearly killed by him / 3, was wisped away by my m… Morning Prowl My whistle tweeters a song in step / clap echo come and see the depth / dark morning covers gracefully / a single star glistens above me /… Darkened Angel by XtomJames Who you were Wish that we were still friends / And not pictures on a screen A DarKnight Within: Chapter 2: What You Get for M… I wasn’t surprised when the next morning’s news had reporters all over Banbury. It seemed the police responded to Chris’s anonymous call A DarKnight Within: Possible Ending Scene A possible ending to my semi-fictional autobiography. A DarKnight Within: Chapter 1, Adult at the Age … In the instance he decided to take us out of the car and to leave us there, he decided that I was no longer a child Four Elements III by XtomJames Four Elements II by XtomJames Four Elements I by XtomJames Anti-"" Card 2 by XtomJames Anti-"" Card 1 by XtomJames Anti-"" Tshirt Version 2 by XtomJames Anti-"" Version 1 by XtomJames A Poets Mind “Why,” Aileen pushed closer to Dan to speak into his ear, “wouldn’t he come over here?” . Winter Beach V by XtomJames Winter Beach IV by XtomJames Winter Beach III by XtomJames Winter Beach II by XtomJames Winter Beach I by XtomJames Steeple in the Distance by XtomJames Death's Veil by XtomJames From the Darkness by XtomJames From the Darkness by XtomJames Death's Vail by XtomJames Ancient Symbolism and Textual Interactions. I: Ch… The hidden aspect of null and nth counters is like the hidden being of hardness from whiteness. 60's Flashback by XtomJames Illustrations of a Dream I love you dad, I’m sorry you can’t be here, can’t you hear me daddy…? Cold Tunnel by XtomJames Drunken Ghost by XtomJames Twisted Dreams by XtomJames Reflections by XtomJames Tongued by a Dragqueen Rum and Coke / A sweet drink / sneaky as it rubs your stomach wrong / tricky, brown gold sting that bitters the tongue / Mysterious women d… QuinnElizabeth  by XtomJames To Be Rented Keystrokes break a word, scrawled across the screen / My heart breaks seeng the answer written to me / Not a warm salute or greatful hey / … A Bend in the Term Band; A Q&A with QuinnEli… (As presented by The FlipSide Press -, and Volume One - / A Bend in the Term Band / A Q&a… QuinnElizabeth by XtomJames "RAWR" Self Portrait by XtomJames Silver Eye by XtomJames Maka Wind Steel by XtomJames Protos by XtomJames Cracked Planet "Protos" by XtomJames One Way by XtomJames Dragon's Eyes in the Darkness by XtomJames Zealous by XtomJames Zealous by XtomJames Endless Roads by XtomJames
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