I must say I dispise this concept. Life should be about discovery and LIVING, not doing this mundane and droll craptasim they call a job day in and day out. But its this or no money to eat or sleep or do anything of use let alone fun. What a society we have here strangled by the very thing we are required to have to live. And whats worse is that it’s becoming harder and harder to come by. Inflation rates are horrendous and we hardly make half of what a person in Britain makes as min wage. My lord, our min wage is still three dollars short of matching the inflation rate. And no one can afford to pay nine bucks an hour as the min wage. Not possible with all the workers out there depending on this job or that. I want the GSI job that I applied for too, but unfortunately my school schedule interfers with training and thus I doubt I’ll be getting the position. Lucky me I’m stuck in a hell hole 15 cents above min wage job. And a college student to boot (I’m so stereotypical in this affect)…GAH!

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