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RedBubble = Wow

Well I just have to say what an amazing place this RedBubble is. A friend of mine actually put me onto it and I couldn’t be more grateful. I have been slowly putting together a shop on an American site called Cafepress. My shop, at Cards-A-Gogo is being designed to sell my photographic “stuff” on a range of items. Truth be told I’d never really even considered setting up something similar on an Australian site, but a few weeks ago I had been telling this friend of mine about my Cards-A-Gogo shop and he was interested in trying out something similar, as he’s keen to start up a t-shirt shop. Anyway, I got an email from him last week saying he’d found RedBubble and that he was planning on creating some designs there. I headed on over here and was blown away by the standard of art that was on display. Just from looking at the homepage I knew this was my kind of place, and while I think my shots pale in comparison to most here, it’s incredibly inspiring to be able to wander through such a high standard of talent and creativity. No offense to the shop owners at Cafepress, but to be honest I hadn’t really seen the same high standards of creativity over there (for the most part) at the shops I had visited.

So while I’ll no doubt continue building my Cafepress shop as a purely commercial venture, to reach out to that huge US market, I’m looking forward to being able to display my more treasures photos here, and grow to be part of this great artist community. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to be able to check out everything here, but I’m definitely setting aside at least a couple each day to wander through this forest of colour and light and substance. My hat is off to each and every person who has the guts to put their heart and soul on display like this. All the best to all of you :o)

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