Hii Everybody! =]

My name’s Lindsey, I’m a sophomore at Sage College of Albany majoring in graphic design and minoring in photography, and I couldn’t be happier. :)


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hey everybody. :) / been goin through a lot lately and i figured i’d write about it on here. i just started my last semester of high school EVER. it’s the most exhilerating and scary feeling ever. i’m excited to finally get out on my own and pursue my dreams, but i’m also terrified. i’ve become so comfortable with the way things are that it’s gonna be hard for …
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i need everyone's help with something!

sooo for awhile now i’ve really been wanting to do like…a high fashion type photoshoot with some of my friends…and i finally have some friends who are willing to do it…and i need some sort of idea to go off of! a theme, or a message, anything! i’m completly running dry now. any ideas??
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soo..a lots happened since the last time i wrote a big long entry. soo i figured i would again. i got accepted into my top two schools, sage college of albany and colby sawyer college, about a week ago. i’m leaning towards sage, and i’ll be going there for graphic design, graduating in 2013. i’m so excited. i’ll finally be out of the small town, and in a big city, where i&…
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hey guys. :)

soo i’ve been on here awhile, but ive really only been able to favorite stuff, but now i can finally buy & sell things. :) so if you were interested in buying something, now you can! just thought i’d let you guys knoww.
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