To me, capturing something for others to enjoy is one of the best experiences there is in life. Frequently, these are portraits and images of people. It could even be an animal or an object. The images posted here on RedBubble are intended to be edgier and more controversial works that I have created. I have also included other images to shake up the mix a little bit.

My artistic nude photography is focused on capturing the beauty, lines, and curves of the human form. The images created celebrate models of all sizes, shapes, and ages. My typical process is to plan out posing and lighting for each individual model in a specific setting prior to shooting based on what I feel brings out the best qualities of that model in relation to their lines and curves.

Erovisions is a photo studio providing the best value photographic services to its clients in creating artistic portraiture, glamour photography, and fashion photography. The images you see here on RedBubble are models who have released their images. Many are close personal friends.

All my work published on RedBubble is copyrighted, and has not been released to the public domain. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, uploaded, or used in any way other than display on RedBubble without my written permission.

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