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I love COLOUR and I appreciate LIFE while living it to the fullest with no limits. MY FAMILY and CREATING ART means everything to me. I’m also a WRITER/POET (view my Helium site) so you can browse my writing. If you’d like to see more of my diverse work, you’re welcome to visit me at

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Below are few of my paintings I did on canvas early this year and late last year. Keep on smiling and keep on dancing! LOVE LAUGH LIVE Cheers!

  • Age: 42
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Video of my ARTWORK

I am absolutely thrilled with MY NEW VIDEO for my portfolio my friend A. JILL GAEBEL composed for my art. Her talent of creating these amazing videos for fantastic artists all over, is evident when you visit Jill’s you tube profile. She’s done nearly two-dozen videos and I sure love the magic she did with mine. / I honestly believe every artist should invest into such a great contributio…
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I am an EMPATH

I celebrated this to be my 36th year on Earth. For the first two thirds, I found it very hard to be here. Through healing meditations and allowing creativity to flow through me, I’ve grounded myself with knowledge of learning what I am suppose to learn, in search for my purpose and making footprints to last for eternity. I’ve learned there are like minded individuals who resonate with me and I…
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Never Alone - Featured in PEACE, LOVE & TRANQUILITY

I’m so please that my latest painting NEVER ALONE is being featured in PEACE, LOVE & TRANQUILITY / Thank you to my fans, fellow artists and friends for your continuous support and friendship. / NEVER-ALONE
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