I’m willing and working.

I enjoy all sorts of beauty, women, and fine red wine. When I was a child I would draw mermaids in crab-like brassieres and six-tier wedding cakes garnished with daisies and swirls. In junior high, I realized fashion was my destiny and I began designing forty piece ‘Haute Couture’ collections inspired by controversial subjects; such as heroine addicted prostitutes and bulimic women. Always minimal and constructively detailed. I never felt my drawing skills were very good. I obsessed over symmetry and became a manic perfectionist. Sometimes, it endangers my work. Currently, I illustrate in the pursuit of bettering my skill. I feel beauty in everything; friendship, love, family, travel, and education. I also enjoy France, cigarettes, and patchouli oil.

Good day,

Xavier Nicolas Ness


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Original Artworks for Sale!

Any and all, get ‘em while they’re hot! / :-) / $20 – $100 depending on work.
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How does one encourage creative energy?

Lately, I’ve had a lot of creative energy but can’t seem to translate it very well. I’ll get the impulse to create but I don’t know what I want to do. / What do you guys do to get yourselves focused?
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Ah! First tee sale..

I would like to thank whichever bubbler purchased a tee of My Little Russian Princess. Quite kind of you :-) You’ve made my month! / And if you’d like you can reveal yourself so I can thank you properly :-}
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