My artistic journey starts as a ten year old girl who was proving to her classmate that she could draw. Growing up in the 70s in China, art is not something an ordinary working class family would encourage their children to pursue.

I was lucky to live in a very artistic neighborhood, surrounded by dancers, singers and illustrators. These people influenced me and gave me the courage to seek every opportunity to learn and make art works.

Immigrating to Australia in 1993 gave me the chance to study art at university level. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped making art works. I chose painting over other media mainly due to it being easier to move around, more cost effective and easier to manage with a day job.

I am continually educating myself through books, magazines, DVDs, other artist friends, going to life drawing sections and having discussions with my professional artist husband (Check out his website through the links). I am hoping in the not so far future, I will be able to get further education through a higher level.

I have been fortunate enough to sell some of my art works in Australia, the UK, and have a few public displays in Sydney and Melbourne. Please feel free to drop a few lines or place an order any time.

  • Joined: May 2008