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Stolen and Ripped off designs

Many years ago, i registered my first account here in Redbubble because i had some of my works ripped off, i signed up to report the thievery. Now that, I’m selling my own work in Redbubble, and my first journal is regarding ripped off and stolen design.

  • I’m editing this post as he had removed my artwork and Naming & Shaming” is not allowed on RedBubble, still there’s artworks by other artist stolen by him.

“Haters will always going to hate and stealer will always going to steal. You can run away from reality but you can never run away from your fear. Fear of being exposed of your own acts.”

Such acts should not be tolerated and should be punished by banning him in Redbubble.

If you know which artist’s work got stolen and ripped off by him, do inform…