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Maybe we shouldn't exist......

Hopefully my title to this journal will get someone’s attention. Things need to change, somewhere we’ve(the human race) went wrong….oh so wrong!!! Let me explain…maybe someone out there has a different outlook on this, but to me it’s simple, we shouldn’t or at least most of us shouldn’t be allowed to exist!

I work in Louisiana for 10 days at a time and home in Alabama for 4 days. The only exception is for holidays and if something comes up at home. Anyway…while down here in Louisiana this trip I was driving to a customers house when I encountered an injured owl sitting on the side of the road. I pulled over to check him out, to see if I could help this poor creature out. Well, he was all out of sorts, I picked him up and called my wife. I asked her to look up online for a Game and Wildlife office I could take this injured owl to. After about 3 hours of phone calls and run arounds she calls me back with some information. There was one place I could take this owl to and they would rehab the owl and if it could be released back into the wild they would do so, if not they keep the injured animals and care for them for the rest of the animals life. They use the animals that cannot go back into the wild for educational purposes and have school field trips come out and learn about the animals. A very nice place, well this facility was over 2 hours away from where I was at. There were 4 different Game and Wildlife offices in the area I was at but my wife was told by each of them that if I brought in the owl they would put it down and I would have to pay for it because I was the one who brought it to them.

Now the way I look at it….that’s a bunch of B.S.!!!!!! This owl would have never been injured if it weren’t for us. It’s our roads, our vehicles, our selfish needs to dominate that caused this owl to be injured so I feel it should be our responisblity to help it or any other animal out when injured. Am I wrong in thinking this way? I mean what if your mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter was injured and you took them in to the hospital and they told you they were going to put them down and you had to pay for it because you brought them to the hospital? That would be ok with you would it? So if that’s not……why is this?

We are a selfish race, we think of nothing but ourselves and how to better ourselves. It’s time we all take a look around, take a step back, and start to change things….before it’s really too late! Right now the way I feel…..we don’t deserve a chance to change….we’ve already been given that oppertunity and all we’ve done is gotten worse as time goes on. So maybe we shouldn’t exist………..remember, the animals were here before we were……we are the one’s making changes in their lives…not the other way around!!!!!!

I know not everyone out there is this way but it sure does seem like this is a majority rules situation****

Needless to say…I drove the 2 hours away and gave this owl a fighting chance! What makes it even worse is when I arrived at the rehab center, I asked the lady what she thought was wrong with the owl………she thought he only had a concusion and would be fine in a few days!!!! I made the right decision……I urge at least one of you to do the same!!!!!!!

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