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Hallo! My name is Werner Langer and I live in Sandgate, Qld. Australia. Professional photography has been my life since graduating from the College of Art in 1974. My clients consists of advertising agencies, manufacturers, retailers, and engaged couples photographing their important wedding day. Portrait photography is also one of my great joys, because life is about people. For a number of years the creation of images suitable for posters was one of my passions and the image “Puppy Love” is one of those. Nowadays, my interest, apart from earning an honest living as a professional freelance photographer, is to complete my second photographic exhibition that aims to influence humanity in a positive way. My hope is that it will encourage viewers to think more deeply about this precious gift we possess, called life. Thank you for your interest in my images.

Werner Langer

I may be contacted via Bubblemail if so desired.

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