Chinese Hotel Hospitality

Chinese Hotel Hospitality

China have been trying to push international tourism to greater heights. The government has asked all hotels, tourist guides and restaurants to provide all best possible services and proper guidance
to tourists in English. The hotels have surely adopted an aggressive approach to attracting and guiding tourists; Example:

Welcome letter:

Getting There:

Our representative will make you wait at the airport. The hotel bus runs along the lake and you will feel pleasure in passing water. You will know the hotel is near, because you will go
round the bend. As you come into the hotel, our beautiful manager will offer welcome drinks and then have intercourse with all new guests.

The Hotel:

This is a family hotel, so adultery and children are welcome. Nurses are available in the evenings to put down your children.. Guests are invited to mate in the bar and expose themselves to others.
It is good to have intercourse with others and become fast friends. But please note that ladies are not allowed to have their babies in the bar. With our help they can be delivered in the baby center.
We organize social games, so no guest is ever left alone to play with himself.

Your Room:

Every room has excellent facilities for your private parts. In winter, every room is on heat. Each room has a balcony offering views of outstanding obscenity. All your needs are from room service. Please feel free to ring for the
chambermaid and take advantage of her.


When you leave us at the end of your holiday, you will struggle to forget it..

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