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I am new to writing here on redbubble, and to online posts.

I am an avid photographer, who dabbles in words..

I am a situational writer.. I always write about things I see, have come to know, and understand about life, and other people. Most of the time they are not about me.. They reflect what I see, what I think others feel, and try to write around the emotions that come out of those situations..

I love to create.

I am Intense.. and passionate.

I do not judge, that’s not my job!

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I found myself wandering along in no real direction. / Before too long the path started to coil and wind, / without notice, suddenly, I lost sight. / How could I know, there was no way of knowing, / it just fell off, twisting around the corner / I wandered further, hedging on curiosity / until the path yielded nothing but thorns. / Long armed stems of briers, / brambles, thickets of ripping cl…
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Forgiveness Lay open your propitious soul.. / bare witness to grief’s penitence / bring forth the suckle of forgiveness / that hope may flourish … Yesterday’s Promise Fleeting memories pass by / like flashes of light on a window pane. / Frolicking in the whimsical jest of notions, / long past but still re… I’ve been standing outside your memory, loo… I’ve been standing outside your memory, looking in… / I’ve been looking for meaning, finding none, / Cry… The Cicadas Song Reticense impregnates these deafened ears, / Like a cicadas’ song on a warm summer breeze. / Full of life, rhyme and reason, / Abrupt… Among the heather and wild thyme. Green, grows the grass / high along the mountainside / there among the heather, and wild thyme / where love bloomed, and love died. / She h… Alcohol and you… She left, turned her back and walked away / It’s been three days now….. / My fucking mind just isn’t right / and I can’t stop thinkin… Today, sure feels like a good day to die… It sure feels cold in here today / alone, / hidden behind these disowned walls / forgotten… forgotten / always wishing, / hoping, s… Skeletons no more Like a ghost long given life / fighting each shallow breath in err / hollowed, harried, and haunted / love will never satisfy the emptiness… Always will… Hearts often break / Even if the intent was never there.. / my emotions wrapped in a final kiss / painfully whispered into your unsuspectin… I offer quickly, my advice to you… The breath drained from my lungs / my heart beats no more / grown cold, my dead eyes / stare open, at the floor / Fallen from my chair / un… I don’t love you anymore… I don’t love you anymore / I just don’t love you, at all.. / I hear the whispering winds / deliver faintly your painful oath / … Accede me this day’s breath God grant me strength / rouse vigorously / this vessel of clay / bolster this enervated soul / that I might rise / yet another day. / Give…