Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

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I live in u.k. isle of wight I,m 53 years young. I,ve been in the forces when younger. I have had many life experiences, ups and downs, on an up at the moment thanks a very special person in my life right now.

Update… some people that have read my writing might wonder where my mind is, or has been. sorry if some of it is quite dark but I have been in some dark places over the years which I`m sure others can relate to, I`m not the only one. but I will also be writing some amusing/ weird stuff, which some may not understand, and I do hope that nobody will get offended by any of it. it`s nothing personal,(only to me) and where my head is on a particular day.

Facebook..chris downer, Ryde, portsmouth U.k

  • Age: 55
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Thankyou my friends

I would like to thank my friends here in the bubble who have helped me through a difficult time for me, They Have been a massive support and I know I will probably never meet you all but you will all be a part of my life now. I never new people like this existed, Apart from one. Thanks sooooo much. xxx
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