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Isle of Wight scooter rally 2013 by woodie123 Isle of Wight scooter rally 2013 by woodie123

The Prisoner

When I get to retire I wish to be placed in a prison. / This way I would have access to daily showers, hobbies and exercise. / I would rece…

Three Wishes.

One fine morning a woman walks into her garden / and notices a little man stood at the bottom. / " you`re a goblin " she says &…
Monday evening  10pm by woodie123

Two hours

After two hours of making love / She asked me why I was taking so long / I said that " I could not think of anyone.…

3 am in the fridge.

Hello darling, are you alright. / Todays the day you start your diet / well I`m gonna do me a great big fry up / I`m really hungry, don…
Prince Consort  ( description ) by woodie123 Sunset over southampton by woodie123 Untitled by woodie123

My big fat sausage.

Another beautuful sunny day, last one for a while. / forecast rain tomorrow. Make hay while the sun shines, / can`t do that so I made a fu…


Your gorgeous, tanned slender body/ the passion I have for you.
pavilion Theatre. Ryde by woodie123


I don`t know wot is wrong with my / Quayboard Butt it will not spell words / cow / they are spose to…


The most perfect image is the one in my mind.

The psychic.

she goes into a trance, as her eyes begin to dance.THE

I know another angel.

Just say " hello" you`ll naver know.

Bubble Rap.

Every thing here will get less and less.
Stop nagging me, I`m off to the pub. by woodie123

My Spontaneous Imagination.

We could just get lost together so that time has no meaning.


Nectar to the taste, Alone with her love.

Lost in a circle.

I went for a walk to have a word with myself / and got a little lost, so I have now gone to / look for me. If I should return before I …

Stay misty for me.

It`s going to be a beautiful day.

Goodbye my friend.

You helped me heel when I was sick. / I mended you when you were broken.
Winging  it. by woodie123

The Power of Words.

A hieroglyphic is pretty terrific.

The man with no face.

A man with no face / knocked at my door / I could not believe / as I fell to the floor. / You`ve come for me, / It`s my time to leave, /…
They want to rip me down. by woodie123

My Fathers Secret.

No one enters his secret abode/ I bravely entered my fathers den.

The Beckoner

Which way to turn, been traveling for miles / and miles now down this same road. / Crossroads, which way? / To the left….. / Darknes…
CHOCOLATE by woodie123

Relentlessly marching on

The chronic pain, relentlessly / marching on through her body / never ceasing, never ending / gripping every nerve, every sinew / never re…
Piering into the distance by woodie123

Partie Deux

Here we go again, these things in my brain / are you back with more of the same / stop playing this game, it can`t be the same. / Got rid o…
The sand castle by woodie123 I scream by woodie123

Shadows in the wood

Taking a stroll in the woods, I feel an unease come across, / a spinal shiver, the hairs on my nape, I turn, / you are not there, I carr…

Alone on my island.

Their here no more, but still guarding our shore.

Women were sent by god.

All men are sometimes a bit forgetful / this is why God created women, / they have this amazing ability / to remember every thing that has…

A face thats lived in.

The memories still last of the things from the past.

Who am I ?

Is it me I see in the mirror, or is it / somebody else, that somebody else sees in me. / If it`s not me then who could it be / that somebo…


Dear sleep, / I know we have had our problems in the past / but I love you now. My wish is that we could / spend more time together during …

How many have you got.

How many friends have you got / I know that I don`t have a lot / Iv`e got dozens of mates / but some they are fakes / the true friends I ha…

More interesting in my head

Cigarette time a big fat one, chase the dragon, I will one day.

Jack or Jill.

A strawberry blonde, with ballistic boobs.

My old friend is back

Hello depression my old friend / you`ve come to see me once again / how long have you come to stay / although I know, your never far away …

Stay beautiful.

I sit alone and I reminisce / about my beautiful daughter / who will always be missed. / When she was around / my life was such bliss. / H…


I admire her strength just to carry on

Winter blues

winter,solitude, attitude, clown,sun


In my bubble I,m free to be me / in fact not just me, but anybody / millions of people, millions of words / to I.D myself would be absurd /…

Hell hath no fury

children running, laughing, playing/elves and fairoes

The Lady Walks Alone

The lady walks alone / so much strength she has shown / she has built her walls so high / now they refuse to let her fly / Sits alone in he…

Sizzling bacon

It,s the middle of the night / I can,t think what to write / I have loads written down / but for now it can,t be found. / I,ll search high …

I,m not as thunk as you drink I am

Iv,e been out all day long today / and now I,m beginning to sway / Iv,e been drinking sheveral beers / Iv,e been doing this for years / I d…

I sleep to dream

voices in my head


Life is not the way it,s supposed to be / Life is not the way it,s meant to be / Life is not the way we want it to be / The ups and downs, …
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