I am tumblr user idontfindyouthatinteresting, I mostly do Hannibal stuff. I like the simple things and I think they can have the most impact!

If you would ever like any designs altered to fit products, message me on tumblr! I also take commissions etc

Still learning, so be gentle

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Hello! / As you can see from my “last chance” section, this will hopefully be something that I do every week simply to cut down the AMOUNT in my store as it becomes impossible to navigate. The designs will be put there over the weekend and disappear on the friday. / Hopefully, I will also be making my shirts work on a cycle basis, so there would be a couple of static designs but most …
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Last Chance Sale

All the items in the “Last Chance” sale will be gone (except the Will Graham Prison numbers) this evening! / To make way for my new extended “team” series
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Thank you!

If you buy one of my designs and you’re on tumblr, take a picture of it and tag “idontfindyouthatinteresting” I LOVE seeing them!
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Christmas Deadlines

Hello! Would just like to say that there are some deadlines people need to be aware of when they purchase things. / Here is the list! / http://support.redbubble.com/kb/top20/christmas-and-redbubble
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