John Schneider

Albany, United States

John has had a camera in front of his face for the better part of 60 years and will continue until he gets it right! Please respect the...

Our Best Year? - Thank you!!

Hi, everybody
So far 2017 seems to be on a roll and dragging us along….
A wonderful person in the United States bought a Sticker of “Christmas 5th Avenue – 2011”
Another terrific individual in the United States purchased A Tall Mug of “Nose Tu-114 Rossiya”
A well regarded customer in the United States honors us with a sale of a Sticker “Big Sur”
And again a discerning personage in the United States bought a Throw Pillow “AA 727 AstroJet”
Just today, a sale has been made to a very fine person in Greece of two T-Shirts “Gas Tank Triumph TR6 (1959)”

We thank you, why this 3rd party stuff…. I thank you and hope that you are happy with the quality and content of your purchases!!


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