John Schneider

Albany, United States

John has had a camera in front of his face for the better part of 60 years and will continue until he gets it right! Please respect the...


Before I give a well deserved thank you ….

I just received a Graphic T-Shirt and iPhone Wallet that I’m giving as gifts…. Redbubble really does do quality work, we can be assured and be proud of the products our customers receive!

Now for the important stuff… Thank you so very much to the people who were kind enough to purchase the following:

1x iPhone Case ‘#3 Chevrolet’
1x Sticker ‘Times Square’ – April 1959’
1x Art Print ‘Sailing Lessons’
1x Sticker ‘#3 Chevrolet’

I hope that you enjoy your purchases and again thank you!

All the best of this holiday season…

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