Total Portfolo views

O.K….. I’ll be right up front about this issue…
When in need of an ego boost, I could always see how many total views my portfolio had… Since the redbubble changes not possible(?) or as a computer illiterate am I missing something???

The last time I came soooo close, ‘they’ advised had to delete a number of photo’s…. turned out to be among my most sold and viewed.

Now, once again, so close and the system changed… Redbubble based upon my average monthly views, including those deleted, i am celebrating ONE MILLION views for this account! Take that ‘bubble’!!!!!

Anyway, between my ‘old’ Webshots accounts, Smugmug and Redbubble have something in the area of Five Million views of my work….. Thank you all.


Greeting Card

I want to take this opportunity to thank the buyer of a ‘Stealth’ greeting card, yesterday.

Hope it meets with your expectations and your support is greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Sticker's are moving

Thank you so much to the two, very discerning, buyers of the sticker “Upperclass Cat”!

Hope that you are pleased with your purchase and appreciate your support.

Best Regards;

You should always say, 'Thank you'!

I have been remiss and have not taken the time to say thank you to the folks who supported my efforts with a purchase or two… My sincerest apologies.

Thank you for your tangible support with your purchases of:

iPad Retina/3/2 – Snap Case of “The Motorcycle as Art – Harley-Davidson Chrome and Orange”
1x Greeting Card of “Walk on by….”
iPhone 5s/5 – Snap Case of “The art of the car: Triumph TR-3A (1962)”
1x Sticker of “World Trade Center Sunrise”
1x Sticker of “The U. S. Capitol”
1x Greeting Card of “Historic St. Mary’s RC Church”
1x Greeting Card of “Easter Season”

Please be aware that you folks are all very much appreciated!!!

Best regards,

Triumph Sells

Movin’ those iPhone cases….

Thank so very much to the exceptional person who purchased an IPhone 5s/5 Snap case of, “The art of the car: Triumph TR-3A (1962)”!

Hope that you are the envy of all your friends and associates…. And that your phone only rings, buzzes, sings, etc. with good news!!!

Once again, thank you for your support of my work…

Best regards,


Well, I’m back…. Deleted a 200+ images that may or may not have stepped on a copyright.

Expanded my education…. in simple, oops I don’t want any challenges, terms… If the marque or brand name is visible, not good. Public/urban art depending on the image use you may have a copyright violation.

Buildings may be trademarked or have a copyright, but may or may not be in violation…examples: Transamerica Pyramid, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium. Hearst Castle.

Anyhow, it is great to be back and unrestricted!!


Yay!… Sold 3 Photographic Prints, 1 each of “Tupolev Tu-114 at night”, ’’Nose Tu-114" and “Kuznetsov Nk-12MV Turboprop Engines”.

Thank you so much to the unidentified buyer, appreciate your support! Hope these prints are a welcomed addition to your collection.

Best regards,

A twoffer...

I sold a sticker of ‘Art Deco…. ness’ and a tote bag of ‘The car as art: Desoto Firedome (1955)’.

Thank so much to the purchasers of these products… your support of my work is very much appreciated!!

Best regards,

Two Cards

I sold two Greeting Cards….. ‘Streamlined’ and ‘The art of the car: MG TF1500’.

Thank you so very much to the unidentified purchaser, appreciate your support and hope these are worthwhile additions to your collection.

Best regards,

Greeting Card Sale

Thank you to the buyer who purchased a greeting card of, ‘The Art of the Car Marque Austin Healey 3000 Mk. III’.

I hope this is a worthwhile addition to your collection, appreciate your support of my work!

Best regards,