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Stories of the Giving Man

Stories of the Giving Man
By Doug Wilson
{Work in progress}
All Rights Reserved
By the Author

For Linda,
Who makes every day special… and more treasured than the last… and for our children & all children everywhere.

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    The Giving Man

Long ago and far away, in a distant land across the deep blue sea, there was a little village where the people lived peacefully together in harmony- with their world and, more importantly, with each other.
It was a magical time when elves still dwelt within the deepest forests and fairies danced in the meadows on moonlit nights. A time when wizards roamed the countryside, making certain that everything kept working in its way, and dragons still lurked within the caves of the Purple Mountains.
Outside the village in a small untidy cottage, deep in the heart of the Shady Woods, lived a gentle soul that the villagers called ‘the Giving Man.’ The Giving Man stayed mostly by himself, singing songs, writing stories and verse and making marvelous things from bits of glass, rocks and metals… things to dazzle the eyes and songs and stories to excite the mind.
Whenever someone from the village was feeling sad they would take the twisty path through the Shady Woods to visit the Giving Man. They knew that they could find comfort there and whatever they needed would be theirs for the asking. A song to lighten their hearts’ sorrows, a verse to draw pictures in their minds, or a trinket or treasure to capture the sunshine and brighten their day, all were there for the asking, for the Giving Man never said ‘no.’ Sometimes the answer was ‘perhaps’ or sometimes the answer was ‘return again tomorrow’ but the answer was never ‘no.’ That just wasn’t his way.
Dark days of trouble came upon the land and the people of the village began to visit more often. The Giving Man never turned anyone away and the villagers were always welcomed with a song or a story, especially the children who held a special place within the heart of the Giving Man. For he remembered the days of his childhood with sadness.
His father had left the family behind to follow the road to adventure when the Giving Man was but a small child and his mother was taken from him soon after that when her carriage overturned and she was lost from the living world. The giving Man had made a promise then that when he was grown no other child should suffer such sadness if there was anything he could do to help… and he was a man of his word and honor.
As the number of the Days of Darkness increased the number of visitors to the cottage in the Shady Woods also grew. There were days when there were more villagers on the path and in the Shady Woods and in the cottage than there were in the village. As their sadness deepened and their worries increased they asked for more and more of the Giving Man… more stories, more songs, more verses, more treasures… there was no end of their asking. Sometimes the answer was ‘ perhaps’ and sometimes the answer was ‘return again tomorrow’ but the Giving Man always found something for everyone in need, especially the children. He remembered his promise and the children were always the first to be cared for. here were special songs and special stories and special treasures to gladden the heart of the saddest child and on moonless nights there were fireworks for everyone… wondrous, magical fireworks!
There were rockets that soared high into the deep blue, moonless nights, so high that the children nearly fell backward looking up at them as they exploded in bright kaleidoscoping colors and patterns and glistened like hoarfrost diamonds falling from tattered tree branches in late winter morning sunshine’s melting warmth. There were songbird shells that chirped and twittered in mockingbirds’ song, like a forest alive with the voices of a thousand different birds and joined together in joyous singing on a bright Springtime morning. There were Dragon screamers! very special rockets that roared into the darkness with a sound that made your heart stop in fearful anticipation. It was the sound of the muffled beat of webbed dragon’s wings beating against the night sky combined with that fearsome screech that pierced the very soul of even the bravest of dragon-slayers… a sound that started slow and low and increased in pitch and intensity until your entire body shook in awesome realization of its source and as the Dragon rockets screamed into the night they flew in crazed, erratic spirals, ever higher, reaching right up to the very stars before swooping back down low and exploding in giant fireballs of light and wondrous noise like deep-bellied dragon’s thunder right over the heads of the villagers, the ashes turning into floating golden butterflies of light that drifted away in the breeze. Those were the Giving Man’s favorites!
It became a new tradition for the people of the village, a monthly time of sharing for everyone. Even as the Giving Man was growing concerned that he might be unable to continue his giving this New Moon’s Feasting, as it grew to be called, began to work a wondrous change in the hearts of the villagers…
They began to understand that the journey was nearly as rewarding as the songs and the stories and the treasures and even the fireworks! They began to look forward with eager anticipation to the journey and the conversations shared while walking the twisty path through the Shady Woods. They grew closer to one another and they relied less on the Giving Man and more on one another… and this brought happiness to the heart of the Giving Man, for this is how life should be… families growing closer and neighbor helping neighbor. And as the happiness grew it helped the village grow as it drew more families from the darker corners of the Faraway Lands. And Peace came once again to the hearts of all who dwelt there.

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a collection of stories for children of all ages that delight in jouneys of imagination and flights of fancy

A child of the 50’s, a survivor of the 60’s, my main artistic outlets are stained glass and photography. I have operated my glass studio since 1976 and have works all over the U.S. I originally entered university to study photographic journalism, but as John Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” I do not use PS or other manipulations in my photographs, just adjusted settings on the camera.

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  • Craig Stronner
    Craig Stronnerabout 4 years ago

  • I am truly honoured by the feature from this group… and the affirmation that it gives.

    – WonderlandGlass

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearceabout 4 years ago

  • Alison, I am honoured to be granted this feature by you and this group dedicated to bringing delight to children of all ages. May the blessings of this season of Peace be with all and radiate from this group and from this bubble to everyone who still nurtures the small child inside their heart.

    – WonderlandGlass

  • evitaoz
    evitaozabout 4 years ago

    This is pure story medicine Doug. I can not favour this enough! As a traditional storyteller I really long to hear your voice telling this story! Congratulations on the deserved features too.

  • You have no idea how much your kind, generous and sincerely offered comments have lifted the tired spirit of the giving man during an extraordinarily difficult time… I am honoured to be added to your watch list, deeply appreciative of the fav and truly touched by the kindness you have given my work. There may be a way to tell this story across the Internet (through Skype or some other means, and I would be honoured to attempt that. In the interim, however, I would be highly honoured for you to share this story, if you like, using your talents in storytelling. In the true spirit of the giving man… please share with whom you will that which may be of use… especially in the interests of bringing peace and a lighter spirit to whomever your gifts may help. With all blessings of Peace, now and always, Doug

    – WonderlandGlass

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearceabout 4 years ago

    You are so welcome! I hope you will consider entering it in our current writing challenge! Bedtime Stories
    Any questions, please feel free to ask :)

  • Again I thank you for your kindness and support. I am trying to interperet the entry instructions but without success-‘copy and paste a copy of the story next to an image of my avatar’ is not evident by at least one of the current entries. I shall continue with my attempts-the challenge remains open for yet awhile. Blessings of peace in this most blessed of seasons for all children of our earth’s many tribes… and also to you and those you hold dear.

    – WonderlandGlass

  • evitaoz
    evitaozabout 4 years ago

    Oh Doug, thank you. I will tell your story and so give it to more hearts. I will aknowledge you as the giver! Please write more and accept a cyber hug.

  • Greetings from the other side of our blue bubble earth. I am honoured to have encountered you here on this red bubble and even more honoured that you will use your talents to share the story of the giving man for I feel you have a truly good and kind heart and must certainly be related… as are we truly all. Blessings of peace to you in this blessed season, please share the peace freely, for there are many in need. With deepest appreciation, Doug

    – WonderlandGlass

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearceabout 4 years ago

    Hi, sorry I’m late getting this reply to you. A couple of people have questioned the ‘avatar’ mention and I must admit I should merely have said ‘your profile picture’. Evitaoz has entered in the exact way we’d hoped, so she may in fact be able to explain it better to you?!
    This is all trila and error on mine and Vickie’s part as we try to give writer’s the same opportunities for challenges as artists.

  • Thank you..I was going to try pasting an image into the story and enter that as pasting the story to the image was greeted by the group ‘not accepting art works’ I think the other way might work. Thank you for your efforts in group hosting- a truly thankless task so let me thank you now;-} Peace

    – WonderlandGlass

  • Alison Pearce
    Alison Pearcealmost 4 years ago

    Congrats on a well deserved win in Art and Stories Made For Children group’s Bedtime Stories Challenge !
    A link to your work and your profile page has been listed on the group page, and we have chosen you as our newest featured member!!
    Alison and Vickie

  • I wish I had visited the bubble sooner as this honour would have brightened my New Year! Thank you, the group and those who found the story worthy of a vote in the challenge. I wish you all ever-growing Peace.

    – WonderlandGlass

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