Protecting Angels

a feeling of excitement the fun with dad, / time stands still, / right then I’m glad.


Where you may see failure, I see room for improvement, / Where you may see the end, I see a brand new horizon, / Where you may see anger, I…


Anger and peace, / Both play a part, / It’s all unsheathed, / This is only the start…

Drowning Butterflies

Creating the fears, / Through the smoke screen, / Pouring kerosene, / On the vulnerable,
The Construction (written piece in description)  by WolfSoul


That we are never alone, / In our own little worlds,


From their a.m to p.m, / Outstretched to their, / Brain stem, / Outweighing your existence, / Like unconsidered phlegm…

A Gift

With the over-abundant, / Looming clouds, / Trapping light,


I will die for you, / I will give to you, / Everything I have left…and yet…

Simple Pleasures

Lets get on with this play, / You called me, / Lets here what you say,

The Artist

And bastards, / Mad hatters, / In tatters, / The painters, / And poets,

A Moment of Life

In the end there lay an old man in an empty house, grasping the hand of a man who had disappeared when his weary eyes had closed into the a…

The Sculptor

I sculpt, / After years, / Of destruction, / On a dieing frame,

An Old Friend

With no intent, / Of ending, / But of creating, / Making space, / Allowing a cycle, / Being demoralised, / By it’s own existence,

Just a Thought

If two wrongs don’t make a right (not the direction)…


Knowing that someone, / Could never take the place, / Or fill the shoes, / The unconditional lace,


I hadn’t the shillings to pay, / But, / Strangely, / I had breath…


It always had a place, / Acceptance was a breath, / That allowed nothing to be misplaced,

A Fading Memory

To know that I once felt, / Where dreams would have me suffering, / I know this world to well…

The Ego

Does an eagle wonder why it kills? / We know it’s not just for the thrills, / Survival breeds in every mind, / We just drown it with a pill…

Wishing the Colours Back

He painted colours, / Where darkness was thought, / And thought only where darkness called,

Little Logie

On daddy’s command, / He could fart on your toes, / “Logie done it!” / The laughing just grows,

This Way Up

Always tip toeing around, / Your pretty little world…

Facing the Inevitable

The room falls silent, / In the ears of the roaring man, / No sounds, / No thought, / No pain,

Silent Pinholes of Light

He knew that feeling, / Trying to apologies,

The Coldness of Stone

Those few, / Who walked, / Through the creases of society, / A fading breed, / Their wings clipped,


Embraced by life, / Enveloped in light,

Universal Sand

It is humble, / And loving, / Acceptance and understanding,
Rise of the Wolf by WolfSoul

Thoughts of Grandeur

I have questioned and raped, / All possible thoughts, / Pulled and destroyed, / Any possible retorts… / …I could keep on going… / …Continue…

Sins of the Father

…Seems to me I’m the devils crush…

the boy in the oven

“Just a damn boy in the oven……”

Just an…

Most just assume, / Without question I presume,

A Price Worth Paying

Although…it’s what happens after, / Why people attend buildings so beautifully built, / With a beauty inside, / To resemble their heaven i…

Window Pain

‘When will return my warring son…’

Understand This

Understand this, / K.I.S.S / Even pretend, / How simple I’m keeping this, / Placing ink,

Understand This

Understand this, / K.I.S.S / Even pretend, / How simple I’m keeping this, / Placing ink,

untitled (a work and character in progress)

Part 2 / ‘It seems like this shit has been going on for too long, people fighting, killing…they say there was a time when walking down your…

untitled (a work and character in progress)

As the war continues across the world, everyone of the known world are hoping that the leaders can have a serious talk about the loss every…

I Stand

The deadbeat, / Drugged upped, / Nothing but a fuck up,


It’s times like these, / I wish I stayed asleep, / when past attempts,

War and Tears

We are never pointless creatures, / maybe careless without thought,


I never promised you hate, / I only swore, / How much I would adore,

Police Line

I fucking love you! / You caused all the pain…

A Fathers Love

Where I now stand, / Is far from the grave, / And demons past,

Lead Balloon

Lead balloons, / That stole the room,

A Brothers Love

Like a bird I kiss the sky, / yearning for remote silence,

The Ruby Red Glisten

My blank expression, / This is my place to hide,

True Sight

I know she wouldn’t approve, / To read words that confuse,

The Poet

Upon it’s arrival, / upon it’s descent, / we sneak around pain,
Stop throwing my stick in the water!! by WolfSoul WaterDog by WolfSoul A Bit of Peace by WolfSoul Morning Tea by WolfSoul My Cake by WolfSoul

Sleepless Eyes

Sleepless eyes, / From child’s cries,

My Name (Part 2)

They say the mind is fragile, I say the mind is too busy contemplating and calculating that the fragile nature is a constant state…

Her Groundhog Day

Your words, / If I were blind,

My Name

I awoke in pain today, today is the day where knowledge became the pain…
My fresh Little  by WolfSoul

Gavin (A Brother)

Heaven’s doors, / I’ll keep standin to get,

Evol Grace

Pulsing, / Impulsive, / Feeling, / I need her… / To bleed for,

Stacking Straws

Infectious little straw,

We Are…

And as I gaze upon the strength of man,

Her Simmering Rain

If it’s all the same, / Can I sit, / For a bit…in your simmering rain…?

RE:Junk Mail…lol…

Who is Hudson


Have you been watching my steps? / Again… / I ask,

Sands of Time/Pain

We walked, / On what could be sailed, / With waves, / Never tamed,


You ever fucking exploded??

He Without Sin

A lost now found, / But never in eyes… / Never the man in their lies,

Tired Eyes

I had to smash the glass, / The unbelievable reflection, / A portrait disliked, / The never ending dissection,

No Friend in a Bottle

In a flash, / In blink, / In one single breath…

Last Breath…

The only thing I fear in life is death….Because I fear to live my longest Dream…


I gained… / But I suffered… / In the loving of you…

The Stand

To forget… / thought to be peace, / But the smell, / Just reminds me!! / That pain never cease….


I watched, / Behind the palm,

My Little Box

I entered from light, / Where darkness attacked, / Waging war on defences, / Seeping through cracks…

True Love

Must we re-write all, / From the blood of knees, / From men that crawl,

The Woven Road

I’m just a shadow, / The silhouette of a figure,

Beneath The Surface

Sleeping unchanged, / Were eyelids removed?
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