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A short bio? Well, it’s been a long life for a 28 year old, but all that ever matter I will write about ;)

Good Afternoon

How you all doin? So I haven’t disappeared, still around ;). At the moment, I am attempting to write a book. It’s not as easy as I first thought, but roughly getting an idea of where I want it go and a feel of the characters. It’s real rough at the moment and only two pages so far of extracts I will fit in once I start writing the actual story. Just dropping by to see what you all think so far. If it’s not so good, let me know, I would hate to waste more time on something people won’t read lol. This book could take some time, but right now just storming some extracts out to fitted in later…well here it is…mind it’s still rough ;). I’m going to take a couple of days to extend it a little and I’ll be back. Thanks in advance for your time :).

The Devil In Him

About – Either two options…it’s about the evil in us all or the evil in one man
It becomes overwhelming to contain and thus throws him or all people (except from a few) into some kind of demonic state, almost like hell on earth, except corruption, anger and fears rein over us or him.

It was cast down to the knowledge of man that there was good and evil in our known world. Preaching above all else that the humanity in man was cast from God Himself. We are moral creatures always in the eyes of others to be seen as decent human beings, but behind the eyes of man there stood a storm raging inside his suggestive knowledge. Inside the crevices of the mind there was an evil so hungry it could not be quenched nor stay at bay from mans attempts to suppress the devil that refused to bow to the thoughts of morality.
What was right and what was wrong, was always the trouble that faced the mortal man. Unable to yield to acceptance. The war that raged in the forever mind of him tore societies, brought down empires and to this day, grew a corruption that hid behind the better good. It was always a known lie to those greedy eyes of man, who swallowed up the riches of the people all in the name of a prosperous future.

No-one knew these lies better than him. Tormented by his disgusting way of seeing hope in all men, he hung his head in shame. As the days grew longer in the search for a peace he yearned for so long in himself, he found that he was faced with the unwilling search of man to find the same peace within themselves. You could say frustration was the downfall of his mind as he allowed the festering of his unsettlements towards man strain through his hope coated glasses.
His beliefs lay in a balance, unseen, but not unlike the same balance of the Buddhist Monks. Of course, without the endless praying or bowing to statues of selected deities, but never the less he found comfort in his restful thoughts of a true balance.
He had served his time upon the alter of the Christian God and found it, politely, not to his taste. As a young boy he was overwhelmed by the chanting of a room full of people, each trying to get louder than the person standing next to them, so their voice would reach the Heavens first, believing that the glory of the All Mighty Father would rain down upon them. Proclaiming their belief to their God through powerful words, that to the boy…meant more to him than they ever did to the roaring members of the congregation.

“And what did you expect this to be? A righteous battle between Heaven and Hell?” He questioned, taunting him through his crooked smile as they gazed upon his creation, leaning too friendly on a shoulder that wished nothing more than to shun him.
He continues in his self assured tone through his smug belittling laughter, “You know, it was always inevitable…your weak little minds only needing a suggestion for you to question everything you ever believed in and to let this…this chaos to engulf your pathetic little lives…”. With his arms outstretched to present the vision before them, he spoke slowly and surely, with a hint of disgust with no revere in the words he shared. With full intent to witness first hand the cause and effect that would spew out the emotions he so wished to feel from this pathetic human.
He saw them only as a play thing. Through their rise to beings of awareness he was created. He could never manifest into the being he longed to be, but inside the darkness of their minds he found a home. In all of them, every one that was ever created he lay there till the day of their awareness. Patiently knowing and sure of the inevitability of the human condition, that without their precious control of the unknown he could take from them their most prized morality and twist the ideological systems of man into a putrid hatred with only a whisper of doubt. He was known by many names, but the guise he favoured most, was the intentional rhetoric Lightbringer.

Too many of us, the thought of conversing with the other side or even to entertain the idea of an heinous ponder brings out the conscience or reasonable side of the human psyche. Like an implanted memory to protect ourselves, we strive towards the obliteration of such thoughts, condemning them to the extended folds and piled high files of damaging thoughts, locked into the back of the mind…this way we can pretend that it never happened.
Suppressing our true desires, trying to separate ourselves from the animal we walked up straight to leave behind. Darwin’s theory of evolution remaining cemented at the back of our minds like being reminded daily of that hideous secret etched into your eyeballs that you can never let pass your lips.
This was the human being, a front in many aspects of his life. Some believing that their ever forgiving God would brush aside all the sins he gazed upon by a little prayer. Knowing that one was wrong and taking responsibility for the action by speaking it to His earthly representative meant, in death, he would live eternally in heavenly bliss at the feet of his Father.
The Lightbringer denied the very existence of such a being who took pity on the weakness of a destructive race…who were we to be in the good grace of such an almighty deity?

He tried to put aside the petty words, knowing all to well they were spoke in malice.
Reacting to such underlying belligerent beliefs from this entity was not the way of his balance. In his quest to understand he knew he could only take on and consider the words he spoke, knowing all to well this wasn’t a view they shared, but who was he to judge. After all, there was a slight tinge of truth in his word, maybe more than a tinge. That was the true problem.

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