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Thought I would take this time to say thanks to everyone for all their support and encouragement on my return to the bubble. It’s good to see the old ones (not age wise) still kicking about and great to meet the new ones. I appreciate all those who have taken time to read my work and I appreciate all the work I have seen on here too. Great artists, poets and minds on here to share views and exchange ideas all in the name of understanding the world around us. Nothing better than that I recon ;).
And…a special thanks to the repeat offenders (you know who you are haha) who bring my attention back to my old work. It makes me appreciate how far I’ve came and it’s hard to believe how dramatically life has changed over 3years, I will always stay humble in my gains forward and I’m honored that yous appreciate my work, even the old dark side ;)

Thanks guys and emm, girls/woman/ladies (that can be touchy ground lol)


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