Photographer and pet carer, seduce by both the colour and monochromatic aspects of life.

The nature of our bond with animals is often an extremely powerful and passionate one. I try to create this especially intimate feeling through my portraits, to engage the viewer, often via direct eye contact or through animal expressions of play. I like to focus on the heroic, dark and comic visions of our companions, to explore the relationship between human and animal, and of that between animal and environment.

My own dog, WolfCub, who has a world wide fan base on flickr and facebook, is a central source of inspiration. He is a Belgian Shepherd, a very soft dog, who suffers from epilepsy, which is now controlled. Animal lovers will understand the heartbreak that comes when dealing with something major like this. I really try to convey all my love and the breadth of our bond through my images of him.

While animal photography is a central passion, I also love urban shooting and iphoneography.

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