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a big sale that i didn't know about

I made a sale back in feb. that i missed :(
I was in transition with my computer when it crashed.
It is the image of “hands of time”

This means so much to me as since this sale the owner of these hands passed away. She died in march, Her name was Syble, a beautiful amazing woman that she was. She was 97 yrs old when she passed. She was ready to go “home”, She had me come in back in nov to take these photos of her to give away at xmas.
. She was saying good bye to all her family in her own way.
For the first time in many years she was able to make the trip to a family reunion last summer. Just going to the Dr. was difficult for her and required aids to help her. Syble lived in a nursing home, her old care giver who had since retired and had health issues of her own to deal with, continued to see syble till the day syble passed. To watch how this all transpired was just a blessing and a comfort to see how beautiful life and death can be.
To know either one, the care giver and syble is to love them. You could see the love they had for each other.
Everyone that was important to Syble got to come and say good bye when the time came. Her favorite relative was by her side when she left this world
She was the type of lady that would wear a dress and stockings everyday. Always looked “presentable”
Thank you for buying this art, I only wish i had known sooner so she could of known. She would of gotten a big kick out of this, she loved the comments everyone left. thank you to all that did :)
Thank you Syble for the blessing of knowing such a remarkable woman.

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