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My Neglectful activity on Red Bubble

I’ve had an on going problem with connecting to the Net, pages taking forever to load, or loosing the connection completely…no fun! And usually give it a miss for the night. Mighty fine after midnight when I’m normally ready to turn in for the night, or first thing in the morning, when I’m not ready to play. Optus says there is a fix shortly. They have put it down to congestion and hopefully they are not fibbing about the work being done on the tower. Hence my time is usually short and sweet………please forgive me

Now my Hard Drive has packed it in! Replacement been ordered. Yep, all photos had been backed up, but lost other stuff. Pain reloading everything and finding where the devil did I save all those photos???

I’m now taking photos of animals needing homes here in Warwick, so no doubt there will be a few uploaded.

Just finished getting framed prints ready for our 2nd Exhibition with the local camera club. OK..that takes some time! Matting and framing and not to mention deciding on which ones you want to include

Now, The Bonus!! Going to Tassie for 2-3 weeks on the 16th March, so I doubt if you will see me much in the bubble till I get back

Cheers to all!

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