Features and Winners, 2nd half of Jan 2010

Thought I was off to a great start with 11 features and winners for the first half of the month of January. The second half is even better!

Many thanks to all the Hosts for their time and effort and to you guys that have helped and commented and or voted along the way. Cheers Claire

17th Jan, 2010. Young Wolfhound Featured in Former DPF,

17th Jan, 2010. Crab placed in the Top Ten Challenge micro- images along our coastline. Beach, Rivers & Lakes Group

17th Jan, 2010. Herdsman Lake, Top Ten in All things Orange challenge

19th Jan, 2010. Saint Mary’s Warwick Featured in Your Country’s Best

20th Jan, 2010. Beautiful coloured Orchids, Top Ten in Live & Let Live challenge ‘purple’

20th Jan, 2010. Saint Mary’s Warwick Featured in Brissie! It’s short for Brisbane

20th Jan, 2010. Rock Fishing Featured in in Brissie! It’s short for Brisbane

25th Jan, 2010. Water Lilies Top Ten in You’re Accepted Challenge Two of a Kind

25th Jan, 2010. Who Me, I didn’t do it Featured in the Pets Are Us Group

25th Jan, 2010. Stained Glass Featured in the Stained Glass Group

25th Jan, 2010. Ouch, I’m outta here, Top Ten in the Mood & Ambience challenge Watch Out

27th Jan, 2010. Splash finished in the Top Ten in the crashing waves challenge. You’re Accepted

27th Jan, 2010. Blue Reflections Top Ten in Cee’s Fun Artsy Group Challenge 50% Water

27th Jan, 2010. South Perth Top Ten in King’s Park Perth Group’s 1st challenge

28th Jan, 2010. Splash Top Ten in Going Coastal’s Crashing Surf Challenge

29th Jan, 2010. Favourite Fishing Spot, Top Ten in Morning & Evening, Sunbeams & Storms Challenge Golden Glow

29th Jan, 2010. How Sweet it Is, Top Ten in Nature’s Wonders Challenge ‘Couples’

30th Jan, 2010. Stay Awhile Featured in All About Water

30th Jan, 2010. Maci, Top Ten in Art by Bubble Hosts challenge ‘Faces’

31st Jan, 2010. Albury Botanic Gardens Featured in a Garden Somewhere

31st Jan, 2010. Botanic Golf Gardens Featured in A Garden Somewhere

31st Jan, 2010. A View Down Under Featured in Former DPF

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