Some of my music favorites

Listed here are some of my favorite tunes that i have enjoyed listening to throughout my life. I hope there’s something that you enjoy listening to while you’re working here on the bubble. The list will continue growing as i find the artists i’ve long forgotton about so check back often. If there’s an artist you like but dont see here feel free to leave the video link in your comments for others to discover and enjoy. Now kick back crank up your speakers and enjoy listening!

Paul Mauriat: Jingle Bells

Robbie Robertson: Christmas Must Be Tonight

Boney M: One Way Ticket

Boney M: The Rivers Of Babylon

Boney M: No Woman No Cry

Mary Chapin-Carpenter: Down At The Twist And Shout

Billy-Ray Cyrus: Busy Man

Eddy Raven: Zydeco Lady

Bob Seger: You’ll Accompny Me

Bob Seger: Fire Lake

Tina Turner and Bryan Adams: It’s Only Love

Tina Turner: Typical Male (The extended version)

Robert Plant: In The Mood

Kid Rock: Born Free

Kid Rock: All Summer Long

Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell: Dream Lover

Lee Michaels: Do You Know What I Mean

Aron Neville: You Never Can Tell

Stevie Nicks: Rooms On Fire

Stevie Nicks: If Anyone Falls

Mike And The Mechanics: All I Need Is A Miracle

Jewel: Have A Little Faith In Me

Johnny Nash: Rock Me Baby

Tommy Lee: Love Train

Cat Stevens: Peace Train

Los Lobos: LaBamba

Sammy Johns: Chevy Van

The Hooters: And We Danced

Billy Joel: Say Goodbye To Hollywood

Billy Joel: Only The Good Die Young


  • frogster
    frogsterabout 4 years ago

    Yep my friend I agree all great songs

  • gary roberts
    gary robertsabout 4 years ago

    great idea dennis!
    my all time favourite artist since i first heard her on the radio in the early 70s. i wasn’t even 10 at the time but something just clicked. today, her voice has changed from age, use and smoking, but i still love it. she still never ceases to amaze and move me! and her paintings and photography are wonderful too!
    joni mitchell – both sides now!

  • lol Gary… did’nt do it right. When you open youtube up go to the very top of the page and in your web browser you’ll see an http address. Type youtube: and then copy and paste that entire address…dont leave any spaces

    – wiscbackroadz

  • gary roberts
    gary robertsabout 4 years ago

    something told me that wouldn’t work – bugger!

  • lol Gary….it’s quite easy once you do it

    – wiscbackroadz

  • Bryan D. Spellman
    Bryan D. Spellmanabout 4 years ago

    I like your taste in music. And I thought I was the only one who listened to Boney M. Today my favorite groups are Pink Martini out of Portland, Oregon, and The Puppini Sisters, especially their Boogie-Woogie take on that disco classic I Will Survive

  • Why thank you Bryan…i had never heard of Boney M until i did a search on some Christmas song. There name came up on the list of singers of that one particular song vand i down loaded it with all the others picking thru them and sorting out the keepers i liked Boney M’s sound so i did a search on just Boney M and all of these songs by them came up. I liked a great many of their songs. I’m thankful that i discovered them shearly by accident or i’d never have found out about them.

    – wiscbackroadz

  • gary roberts
    gary robertsabout 4 years ago


  • gary roberts
    gary robertsabout 4 years ago

    thanks dennis:-)

  • Hey you’re welcome buddy anytime….good song….i had forgotton about Joni!

    – wiscbackroadz

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekabout 4 years ago

    No Barbra Streisand??? LOL. Just kidding…………….but seriously. What are your favorite songs?

  • Barbara Streisand?!?!?!?!?!?!? I’m SURE glad that you’re KIDDING! lol………..I dont have a particular favorite song of all time. I like sooooo many different songs and artists it would be to difficult and way tooooo time consuming to narrow it down to a few favorites lol…..

    – wiscbackroadz

  • gary roberts
    gary robertsabout 4 years ago

    fab video!

  • LOL Gary….love the graphics in this video. I sure wish i techno smart enough to create things like this

    – wiscbackroadz

  • Wendy Brusca
    Wendy Bruscaabout 4 years ago

    Thank you for the Lee Michaels vid. Have always adored that song!

  • Thank you Wendy…it’s one my old fav’s as well :-)
    They sure dont makem’ like they use to do they…..

    – wiscbackroadz

  • Wendy Brusca
    Wendy Bruscaabout 4 years ago

    Wait, I take that back…the video isn’t my cup o’ tea, however the song is still awesome!

  • I’d have to agree with you on that one Wendy. I dont care for the video either but i love the song though. It was the only video i could find on him that had this good of sound quality

    – wiscbackroadz