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I’m a writer branching out to explore the worlds of photography (very, very new at this!) and visual poetry. My interest in doing visual poetry, or VisPo, which I began in July 2009, is to investigate the the boundary between reading and seeing-and question that boundary itself. This is related to an underlying fascination with the boundaries of finitude-how we define and interpret them—and how that creates our reality. My interest in pursuing photography arose out of my work in VisPo. I used my own photographic images to do the works, but increasingly found myself interested in the shots themselves. In Spring 2010 I began playing around, just to have fun. I have limited resources since I am a graduate student (My camera is a “lowly” Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS, and I use GIMP to create VisPo and do any photo manipulation. I will “upgrade” when I graduate and have a good job.;). I’ve found working with “limitations” has made things fun, though, and I still haven’t explored and exploited all I have with the tools I have at the moment. Mostly I’m on RedBubble to have fun and be inspired!

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Thanks to RedBubble for the Homepage Features!

A heartfelt thanks to RedBubble for featuring two of my visual poems in their “Featured Art” section. / The first thanks is overdue. “Lost” was featured back in May. I was ecstatic, but I wasn’t sure who or how to thank. / The second just happened: “sand.” Once again, thank you so much. The vision of RedBubble (and its reality—it’s being lived…
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