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265 now 305 views an' stull goin' strong ;It's a Wunderful wurld ; Stull workin' oan page 4 o' yer Avatar listin's

Whit a wunder this place has turned oot to be,
a place o’ Art for aw’ tae see.
A place fur photies an’ skills abound,
Skills like speakin’ wurds are found.

An’ “T” shurts way poems an’ graphics tae,
Fur us tae buy fur wurk an’ play.
Fur us tae look at portfolios galore.
an’ wunder whit we did before.

We wunder at a’ the creations here,
the wurk yea see is aw’ sincere.
Wurk done by folks like you an’ me,
Aw wunderful creations yea must agree.

A few names cum tae mind,
crivens, help ma’ boab they are aw a great find.
Names like joak, Sheila, Mike, Karen an’ Don.
they aw deserve the proverbial gong.

A gong o’ gold for aw o’ them,
Fur each an’ aw’ arrrrr’ a perfuct gem.
There is lotes mair’ that deserve a golden chair,
Fur aw’ their marvellous creations an’ flair.

Like tereza, Taffy, adgray, Sharon, an’ wee cathy,
Aye wee cathy whae’s a talent an a’ways mak’s me happy.
Wee cathy’s special she has breaks o’ rubber,
But we dinny care joak an’ I, cos’ wee’l a’ways luv her,

Crivens, there’s Brenda, Josie, Kay an’ Melinda Page,
Aye we hiv’ great Artist’s at every stage.
Displaying images o’ super imaginative skill,
every yin designed tae thrill.

almeidacoval, Béla, Sandra, restlessd, an’LavenderMoon,
Hélène, Tom, Martine, Robyn, Sharon Mau A’hiv’ nae mair room,
A’ hiv’ hunners mair freens tae bring tae yer attention,
So if yer nae here it’s cos’ there’s too moany tae mention.

If yea look below ye’ll see yer face,
Hopefully it wull be ma’ savin’ grace.
There’s twa thurds o’ ma watchlist here,
The ither thurd wull be posted soon; nae fear.

Wan specshul name a’d like tay mention,
He has proportions of gigantic dimension.
He’s gote funny legs an’ this enormous erse,
But an’ Artist he is way wonderful verse.

Aye I think ye’v guessed
We are lucky tae hiv, him; Aye were blessed.
His name is joak cos’ he couldnae spell jock,
An’ it’s a kilt he wears a’nae a frock.

Jings; crivens even; am sorry fur slaverin’ too long,
A’d better stoap before a burst intae song.
But I must admit whit I’ve written has been nae truble,
Yea aw’ must admit this is a wunderful place; this Red Bubble
The Auld Yin.
PS. I hiv jist posted ma’ savin’ grace bubblers no. 3
PPs Am stull wurkin’ oan bubblers 4 so aw you luvly new wans oan ma’ watch list jist hiv sum patience . whin av’ goat enuf photies tae finish 4 a’ll post yer Avatars here alang side the ither 3 doon below

Wan mair thing a’d like tae add; Bobby Dar

There’s a wee bloke that wis aufie sad.
he’s noo very happy an’ am aufie glad.
He cums frae a land that’s very far,
he’s a Bonny Lad an’ his names Bobby Dar.

This Lad lad frae Pakistan has talent galore,
if yea can help him it wid be no chore.
A mair respectful lad he is tae the enth degree,
so please look at his wurk fur he aims tae please.

Currently unavailable for purchase

265 now 305 views an' stull goin' strong ;It's a Wunderful wurld ; Stull workin' oan page 4 o' yer Avatar listin's by 

It’s a Wunderful wurld ; this Red Bubble

I am situated in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. I create my sculptures in the scenic town of Bullaburra which is at an altitude of 2,500 feet, between Penrith and the famous tourist town of Katoomba. I hope you enjoy my passion for sculpting and collecting all types of exciting Animal sculptures.

My poums on Fanstory listen to them

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  • Brenda Dow
    Brenda Dowalmost 5 years ago

    My dear sweet Alex…. what a wonderful presentation here of all your friends!!! We’re your friends because you are the special one!!! Your verse is delightful and your heart is spectacular!!!! We shine because you shine!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!!
    Much love,
    Brenda, wee Bonny Lass

  • Jings Bonny Lass ; crivens even, say help m’a boab. whit kin a say ye’v gote me tongue tied. Aw’ a kin say Bonny Lass is ; Jings.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • marieangel
    marieangelalmost 5 years ago

    Ah Ive just seen my wee face and wee cleavage we cant all be blessed with breasts of divas what a wonderful recognition…a lovely poem…of rendition….oh you are so very acknowledge your watch list when others are blind….now you have a great new year….feet up the noo and have a beer oxox angel

  • You no bad tae me Bonny Lass no bad at a’. Luv yer rhyme and coamments.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • marieangel
    marieangelalmost 5 years ago

    p.s. wonderful a fave….no not me the poem silly…yours…not mine lol

  • Ta Bonny Lass.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • emanon
    emanonalmost 5 years ago

    whit a fantastic bit o’ verse, it twad mak Rabbi proud tae hae yi as a freen… Harry was impressed when I read it oot loud. :)

  • Oh thank you Harry yer a Bonny Laddie cat. Thank you too Bonny Lass fur yer wunnerful coamment.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • Arco Iris  R
    Arco Iris Ralmost 5 years ago

    Awwww, My dear Alex, thank you for this beautiful tribute to all of us. Thank you for including me in in your pictures. And my you do know how to prose. This is wonderful. Oh, and sorry that I haven’t been in long in logging in on RB, my computer is out kind of dying and I’m going to have to get her fixed. I think she has a virus. Any way, thanks for this beautiful piece.

  • Nice to hear from you Bonny Lass. Thank you very much.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • Diana-Lee Saville
    Diana-Lee Savillealmost 5 years ago

    ha ha great work Alex :))

  • Thanks Bonny Lass got a favourite with one of my “T” shirts thanks to you:)
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • Tom Gomez
    Tom Gomezalmost 5 years ago

    Fantastic mate, we are all pleased to be considered your friends, supr work …

  • You are Tom you are thanks to you I can visit auld reekie through your wonderful photography.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • katymckay
    katymckayalmost 5 years ago

    Brenda has said it all fur me ma dear are sae special tay us all and a great big hert that wants us all tay be happy..when we are a wee bit doon are always there to pick us up…and your sense o humour is priceless..I am honoured and so privileged to be called your freend oor can Red Bubble no be a wonderfulplace when there are people like you in it..thank you so much for being you and for this lovely tribute… and hugs XXX

  • It is a wunderful place cos’ o’ its people wee cathy I just like to encourage all their wunderful talents.
    It is a priviledge just to know them.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • jchanders
    jchandersalmost 5 years ago

    What a lovely surprise! And heartfelt words! Many thanks!!!

  • You are all worth it :)
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

  • jacqi
    jacqialmost 5 years ago

    och, I’m nae there one of yer favs, boo hoo :_(

  • Oh Bonny Lass yer wan o’ ma favourites noo. yer piccy is oan Redd bubbblers 3 posted noo above .The wan oan the right jist look carefully an’ ye’ll see yersel’.
    The Auld Yin.

    – Alex Gardiner

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