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Art has always been my way of escape and also rejoining life when I did not think I wanted to .! for years up until recently kept this little secret that I am bi-polar tucked very far away …that was a lot of work I am out of the closet so to speak and there are days when the closet seems like a safe place to go but every time I think I want to go back I remind myself I have to much to share and twice as much to see.I recently discovered I have a voice and it deserves to be heard.I have come a very long way in my 48 years.A wise couple told me u have 1 half of your life to live …LIVE the way u want!….Thanks MOM and DAD…… When the last of the kiddies are up and gone I will throw my shoes socks and hairbrush away…find me a beautiful breeze by the ocean having no regrets of yesterday and being thankful I had today.

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