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my name is Jackie and i live in the small english lakedistrict town of Keswick, in the united kingdom, photography is my solace, something that i love to do in my spare time, while walking my border terrier Alfie , i started off with a panasonic tz5, i now use a nikon d90 and i love it, all of my work is taken in the lakedistrict it is mainly of landscapes and some nature/wildlife. I started my journey with photography about two years ago so still learning and making many mistakes along the way, i hope you enjoy my portfolio my pictures are not enhanced as i have no software as yet so you see what i saw i can straighten and do a quick retouch in the d90 but thats all , thanks for visiting, you can also visit my at flickr under wilkie,j


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Many many thanks to all who purchased Ealy Morning Borrowdale :))
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