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Been absent from RB for sometime. Can’t get back in to see what’s been happening over past 6 months. Anyone able to assist.

Just when I think I've got the hang of it, Red Bubble changes the format

Please can anyone explain why the up and down arrows to my portfolio (and I suspect everyone else’s) have been removed. I used to be able to move them around at will, now I can’t do that at all, unless there is some new tool that I’m unaware of. NOT HAPPY JAN. I have to spend an inordinate amount of time going through my images to hide some and unhide others.

6-12 year old access to adult images

I have reported concerns 3 times images (which I think are too sexually explicit) on the front page. I’m embarking on a education support course which will include children from kindergarten to high school. I’m hoping to be able to engage children in photography, painting, etc but I’m seriously concerned that this might not be the appropriate medium because of the sexually explicit content that is capable of being viewed by a youngster. I’m involved in RB and I don’t won’t to introduce young children to thes images. My understanding is that any one no matter what age can access those images. How do I introduce children to the fine arts without their parents suing me for inappropriate material. I don’t know how to express my concern fully throughout the whole of Red Bubble because I’m a no…

Australia - you're standing in it

Finally after 7 months of searching, I think I might find a place where my images and I belong. I uploaded a condolence card to the children lost in the Queensland floods and then noticed that there was one more and hopefully more to follow. This is better than email, because I don’t know any body in Queensland but I empathise with their situation. I look forward to seeing many splendid images of Australia and beyond because I have a BUCKET LIST of places to visit.

Photos, words and cards

I’m wandering down memory lane right now where a long time ago I thought it would be an excellent idea to write cards for Hallmark. I had words but I couldn’t paint or illustrate, absolute frustration, yet I could take photos. Now I can take photos, select the words or quotes that have assisted me in my journey of fulfilment and combine the elements. From the quotes and photos that have meant more to me than anyone could ever possibly know; I will endeavour by the end of this year Dec 2011 to create a calendar of the most inspirational passages and hopefully some thought provoking photographs. Wish me well.

T-Shirt test run

I’ve just attempted to create a T-Shirt but don’t know whether I have followed all the instructions properly. Can anybody give me some feedback please.

Why is RB website not techno savy to people over 58

Okay here comes the abuse. We all like to take fotos, I like to share them with people, I have know idea how long RB has been going. Am I likely to make a living from my photos ( hello from those of you that have; please drop me a line). I feel that there is a them and us attitiude going on in Red Bubble (n a particular group) from whatever country, or artistic background and that is okay but I don’t want to be lead up the garden path. However the groups need to be more discerning in their acceptance of fotos so that I don’t waste my time.

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