Heart light

We witness
our lives
through the filters
of our hearts
and minds

We are the products
of our environments
and our experiences

When we open
to the possibility
of what could be
and let go
the necessity
of what should be
we embrace our lives
as a becoming
and begin
to become masters
of our own destinies

lives on the doorsteps
of those who know best
yet each persons destiny
is not confined
to any one recipe
any one product
of right-ness

Our journeys
are fraught
with wrong turns
forked roads
and multiple choices

Our karma
sees no rhyme
nor reason
to our fortune

Our spirituality
guides our hand
and our path

Our moral compass
our choices

It’s not our eyes
that see
but our filters

Our filters
are created
by our families
by our communities
by our religions
by our emotions

It’s like wearing sunglasses
over our heart

Filters are designed
to keep children alive
The do’s and the don’ts
of safety and riskless living

Filters and labels
box our world
into the illusion of control
where human beings
feel safe from the anxiety
of life and living

And now that I’m grown
what will happen
if I take the sunglasses
off my heart?

Well for one
the colours will be brighter
the experiences richer
other people will blend
into one colour,
red blooded
Love will come
and love will go
but there will always be love
and you will always be loveable
The earth will be vulnerable
and you may be brought to tears
by beauty
at inopportune moments
It is a risk
that’s for sure

And if I live my life
wearing filters?

You will feel safe
in your right-ness
and you will always know
what everything is
as you’ll label it
even when you’re not sure

I think I want to
throw open the windows
and let the sun shine in

Sounds like a plan
There’s nothing wrong with filters
it’s just good
to be aware you’ve got them
as then
you’ve got a choice
whether you wear them or not

I want to turn on my heart light

That’s a brave thing to do

Isn’t it time?

© wildwomenlove poetry

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Hi there
I write poetry and stories, paint, take photos and make films…I’m learning singing, electric guitar and am at art school…
art is my heart song…wanna sing it with me ?

big love

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  • Trenchtownrock
    Trenchtownrockover 4 years ago

    You wrote this with much depth..we are a product of what we are expose to..love this very much.

  • hey Sugar Trench, so nice to see you…yes we are a product of all that we are exposed to and yet we bring so much more to the table…we bring with us our soul, and the accumulation of all of our lives, and although these memories don’t sit in our conscious minds, they do reside within our psyche…when we open up to the possibility of what is possible, we open ourselves up to experience the new and the wondrous and change our destinies by the choice of our openness to it…we don’t know what we don’t know, and being open gifts us opportunities way bigger than what we could imagine for ourselves…thanks for the read and the fave my friend…always a pleasure…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

  • Pagly4u
    Pagly4uover 4 years ago

    What a Truly Brilliant and true piece…….this should be a “MUST READ” for many……Big Hugs Dear Lady……

  • hey Pagly, so nice to see you…thanks so much for these lovely words…big hugs to you too…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

  • ShadowDancer
    ShadowDancerover 4 years ago

    beautiful, deep, feeling, wise, radiant.. i’m talking about you but the poem is brilliant as well… i love the positive affirmation and message you give here.. such a journey unto itself. Bravo you brave and courageous woman. xxxx

  • hey PJ, wow hon, your words brought tears to my eyes…you are such a gift to this world baby girl…and I for one am so glad you are in it…big love…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

  • hollypaino
    hollypainoover 4 years ago

    Love the video add…! Very appropriate :) xxx

  • hey Holly, so nice to see you…doncha just love ET ? and riding your bike across the moon ?…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

  • iWars
    iWarsover 4 years ago

    The karma police are corrupt. Thank god they don’t have much jurisdiction.

  • hey iwars, yeah it makes one scratch ones head at times that’s for sure… :-)

    – wildwomenlove

  • bearwings
    bearwingsover 4 years ago

    i think you took off your glasses years ago….with the amount of paint you have poured onto you pallet I’m sure your life will be very colourful and thought like these behind the portrait of yourself that you are creating you cant go wrong

  • hey Bear, thanks hon, for the read and the wonderful comment…big love…x

    – wildwomenlove

  • Cosimo Piro
    Cosimo Piroover 4 years ago

    those sunglasses I took off a long time back but I keep them handy for when it gets too bright….the point being that taking them off gives one the choice and the knowledge of putting them on when needed. Like this write a lot. Gives food for thought. xo

  • hey Cosimo, so nice to see you this morning…yeah it’s about choice isn’t it?…the choice for us, and the choice for others…that’s what judgement robs, others of their choice…I learnt years ago, there’s no such thing as a bad person, and a good person, it’s more about bad behavior…cos you can bump into a good person having a bad day, and think they’re a bad person…and you’d change your mind when you met them on a good day, if you were open to that possibility…thanks for the read and the chat…x

    – wildwomenlove

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 4 years ago

    With the filtering illussion….
    the heart walks lightly..
    for a short time though,
    they fade and mixed up reality.
    I know , feel what you mean…your words are right, exact on the spot…true not because of them but because of their freshness… their challenge to be..really and become really “what we are”….I love how you are thinking about all this

  • hey Rosa, so nice to see you…I been thinking bout life for most of my life…student of life is me…we all bleed, we all need, we are one…and what we do to our planet we do to ourselves…we are still breathing the air the dinosaurs breathed…we are in a sealed atmosphere, and what is done on one side of the world, will be blown by the winds to the other side…we are all connected, and the filters delude us into thinking otherwise…I’m so glad you like…big love…x

    – wildwomenlove

  • boswell20
    boswell20over 4 years ago

    another beautiful heartfelt write!…great job!

  • hey JaNae, so nice to see you…thanks for the read hon…and for the beautiful…big love…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

  • linaji
    linajiover 4 years ago

    APRIL 2010

  • hey Linaji, thanks so much for the feature sunshine…love it…xxx

    – wildwomenlove

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