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Grats to Dylan and Katrina

Yesterday Jason and I were honored to watch and record the wedding of Katrina and Dylan. We had the pleasure of meeting them more than a month ago at their engagement session. Katrina struck me as a very leveled headed person while Dylan’s nature was more playful. It was a cloudy and windy day for their engagement session but they both took it in stride.

We should have taken their engagement session as an omen for the big day. It was so crazy windy on the wedding day that Jason joked to me Katrina, who is so tiny, might fly away!

While the wind did blow the awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen put up with it in order to get the shots we needed for the bride and groom. After the rehearsal dinner and wedding day Jason and I really felt apart of the family and friends of the bride and groom.

Thank you so much Kapeel and Prestridge family for taking us into your families for the day. I hope we get to stay in touch with you all!

For sale also will be a slide show of the whole wedding day and reception. If you would like to buy one please e-mail me at: Yves_adele_harlow@hotmail.com.

Thank you and have a great day.

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