True Blue Animal Rescue

Greetings Red Bubble Friends! Please take the time to read this journal. Recently I have begun to donate my time to an Animal shelter in my part of Texas. I take pictures of animals that need homes. This pictures are used on the groups web site to help these little cuties find homes. True Blue Animal Shelter is a no kill shelter. They take in horses, donkeys, dogs and cats.

They has a system of foster parents as well as a main shelter. My husband and I are excited to be apart of this project to help animals find their forever homes. I plan to post a few of my favorite shots here on Red Bubble. With the images I will post the animals story and information.

To see more cats, dogs and horses that are in need of forever homes please go to If you want an animal and do not live in Texas they try and provide a way for your new pet to get to you. They are also on face book.

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