Currently I work as a geologist in central Queensland. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and I have a passion for lightning photography. There’s nothing like positioning yourself in front of a storm or chasing one down to get the perfect shot.

My earlier photographs were taken with a Nikon F80 using mostly ISO 100 standard kodak film and Kodak elite slide film ISO 100 which is producing fantastic images. Recently I have purchased a Nikon D300 which I am extremly happy with.

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  • Age: 33
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Lightning season has come to an end

To all lightning photographers, / Unfortunately it appears that our lightning season for my region is over the temp has dropped after our big rains and it just seams to have nothing left. / I would like to thank all the storm chasers and fellow photographers for their comments throughtout the storm season and look forward to all your new works. / Have a good one / Matt White / Wildsnaps photog…
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