My PC recently died. I lost my Photoshop CS3 and all it’s plugins, filters and brushes I’ve saved throughout the years. I now have a Mac Book Pro, and photoshop is now a monthly subscription. I’m so frustrated…. any of my photographer/digital artist friends on here have any suggestions for alternative software? Should I just bite the bullet and pay a monthly fee for Photoshop? Does anyone use the free software provided by GIMP?

My mom is gone

Some of you may remember my post about my mom here
She passed away on Feb 27 with my dad, me and my brother by her side. She went peacefully and quickly. She had a leaky heart valve, and aspirated pneumonia. Once she was removed from the ventilator (that was hooked to her tracheotomy) she passed 20 min later. She had no pain…. we talked to her, held her hand, kissed her and loved her until the end.

Sad time, but there’s relief in knowing she is at peace now.

Linkable Pictures

I typed this up for Oddpixels and so I thought I’d also post it here…..

I will try to explain to you how to get pictures to show up, that are linkable.

You would go to the image (better as thumbnail), right click on that image and go to properties. There is an URL there…. highlight that, and right click on it, and select copy.

for example:

Here is one I just pasted and then I copied here.

Then you go back to that image, and click on it, so it’s the bigger image… up in the browser, you copy that info, which looks like this:

So now you have to put an ! (exclamation point) in front of the url link above

So it looks like t…