Hello and thank you for viewing my portfolio. Here’s a photo of me (with a flash car that’s not mine) so you know who you’re talking to.

I enjoy photography and digital art as well as lots of other things. My eclectic portfolio represents the stages I go through with photography, but it mostly comes down to flowers. There can be no favourite flower, I don’t think. But whenever I see one I love, I think it can’t be surpassed. They are heaven-sent and heavenly-scented.

I enjoy trying to be artful, with what is an already-perfect subject (flowers), by employing digital manipulation and textures, to create something closer to the ethereal or surreal. At other times I can be obsessed with anything from grungy bottles and textures to macros of anything and still life.

My kit includes the Nikon D90 with a range of lenses, including macro, Tamron 16-300 zoom, and Tamron wide-angle – as well as extension tubes. One thing I particularly appreciate with the Nikon is its sensible placement of controls, especially the ability to easily change the ISO without having to go into the menu system. This and other hands-on features sold me on the Nikon over Canon. But I love Canon too! I love all cameras and wish I had one of every kind. Early days I used a Rollei 35. (Oh before that, Mum’s Brownie). Then I upgraded to my first SLR which was a Nikon FE2 which I still have. The lenses fit onto my digital camera but I don’t use them.

Then to supplement the heavy SLR, I acquired a Canon Sureshot. Then a Fuji Finepix which was/is so great I am on record as saying I’d never need another camera. But naturally enough, something even better came along to replace the Nikon FE2 film camera – my D90. So this with my amazing compact Sony Cybershot HSC is what I use now.

Australia, photography, art, travel, music, animals and gardening are particular passions. I follow Christ and see His hand in all beauty on the earth.


  • Joined: December 2011


New Group - Women's World

Women’s World / We now have a new group with is for Women, but doesn’t exclude men from joining. It is a fun group to be enjoyed, made up of of high quality works which represent a woman’s world (of shopping). Beautiful objects and artworks in most mediums is accepted. / Anything to do with shops, from cafe tables, coffee.tea, sweet treats, restaurants, food, perfume and makeup,…
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New Group - Help Found Thank you.

Thank you, two ladies will be joining me on the panel! / I am updating what I wrote before as a theme for the group settles in my mind. / The group I have in mind is for women. It will be along the lines of A Day At the Shops. It will house all the lovely images of things women love to shop for such as fashion, perfume, shoes, makeup, jewellery etc., and will also include the things we enjoy in …
Posted 17 days – 7 comments

PODs - Print on Demand Sites

Today I’ve been browsing the internet. / I’ve been looking at, initially, how to create seamless patterns in Photoshop, which led me somehow, to tracking down other sites like Redbubble. There is Zazzle, DeviantArt, Fine Art America, CafePress, CowCow and several others including Redbubble of course, where you can upload your work and have it sold if you’re good enough (I’…
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Image Size

So I’ve finally worked out (I’m sure I’ve missed a post on here somewhere) the ideal size which will fit most merchandise (not leggings) and it’s 4646 × 3088px. This can be adjusted by percentage if too large or small for your preference. / I’d seen the post by Byron I think it was, which outlined image sizes for each item of merchandise, but how would that work…
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