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Stuttgart, United States

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I’m an Irish gal, (plus some English and Cherokee thrown in), my name is Kay. I’ve photographed and painted all my life. Always loved nature, wildlife, flowers and especially horses. I’ve been privileged to own (well, they’ve owned me) 9 in my lifetime. From ponies, to Arabs, Lipizzaners, quarter horses, a professional saddle bronc, an ex-race horse (those were a thrill…) and one extremely bitter mule (don’t ask…). They’ve left their mark on my heart. And several on my body!!! I would never trade the experience of the special bond a frail human has with an animal that’s big enough to kill it. Its pure magic. So, even though I paint and photograph dogs, deer, ducks, nature, landscapes etc, most of my art celebrates horses….. I’ve been on RB about 2 years now, and I enjoy the group interactions!. Everyone’s so-o-o nice and helpful. Have brush(and camera..) will travel!!!……Follow me on Deviant Art to see the rest of my work!!!

  • Joined: August 2011